My soul pants for God and God alone, because all I want is You. We will run the race set before us, and we will seek Your face as the prize of our lives. Praise and Worship was uniquely electric at Messiah Echad this weekend! Rabbi Jonathan opened up with Devarim, Words, Deuteronomy 1:1 – 3:22. Why did Moses need to reiterate the commandments and history? Maybe because we forget all too easily. If the Lord begins to bless you, make sure you begin to accept it or take your part in receiving. And make sure to be mindful of any stipulations God may place over the blessings He is giving you. Praise reports included job promotions, and we prayed for peace and healing, before Rabbi Jonathan came back up to teach about our Mission and Vision. Part of what we are about at Messiah Echad is showing people how to love God. We need to love Him alone, love Him cheerfully, and love other believers. And the slides are