It is a treat when Michelle and Grace from Kol Echad (formerly Way Cool Angels) share their classical and opera style worship music. We included just the piano from their Aaronic Benediction; check out their album, to hear those angelic voices! Rabbi Jonathan taught on Va’era, Exodus 6:2 – 9:35. By His Name YHVH, God did not make Himself known… there is clearly power in names, and this is why some of us respectfully call God HaShem (The Name). Cry out, and when He delivers you, give Him all of the credit. Praise reports included financial blessings, and we prayed for healing, before Rabbi Raoultaught on Jews and Gentiles. When Messiah returns, will He be pleased with your Jew and Christian love and embrace? Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 78626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup