Thank you Dawit, for leading us in worship, singing Adonai Adonai, every knee will bow to You Lord Most High. After all, Adonai alone is God, and one day every tongue will cry to Him. Brandon taught on Vayakhel, He Gathered, Exodus 35:1 – 38:20. Why were we focused again in this Torah Portion, on building the Tabernacle, when it was recently covered? The children of Israel had become impatient and prideful when Moses “delayed” from coming down the mountain. So they made an idol. The Tabernacle reiteration was for man, and to make God a place to dwell. Praise reports included no copays, and we prayed for orphans before Rabbi Jonathan spoke about #GC2019. The United Methodist Church held a conference to discuss their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ+) Members and Clergy. We support the UMC decision to uphold traditional, Biblical values, but we also welcome anyone, to visit. Our slides are