Sparkly, Esther, and Purim – JLD

This one thing I seek; to dwell within Your House. This only do I seek; to gaze upon your beauty. Yes. May we all continue to seek God! Brother Mitch covered Torah Portion Tetzaveh, You Shall Command, from Exodus 27:20 – 30:10. This section referenced the traditions behind Urim and Tumim. the breastplate worn by the High Priest, which contained the sparkly things that could spell out prophecies. Further, we are similar, living stones, as per 1 Peter 2:5, so get out there and sparkle! Praise reports included how Messiah Echad positively impacted a family that commutes in over an hour each week, then prayer requests asked for healings and jobs. Lastly, with it being Purim, our sermon was a fun read through the Book of Esther, aww, daughter of Mordecai, yay, who defeated Haman, boo, thereby liberating the Jews. And the slides are

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