With folks driving over 200 miles to be with us, and others having attended each annual Seder since our first one in 2013, Passover at Messiah Echad is not an event to miss Our Haggadah or Order of Service can be found online https://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/ME-Haggadah.pdf, and we pray it is both engaging, as well as educational. There are so many connections to Yeshua (Jesus) in the elements and symbols of Passover… He encouraged the removal of leaven-sin from our lives, He wanted non-ethnic Jews to observe with and equal to Israel, and He was the ultimate, blemish free Passover Lamb. Make sure to enjoy your 4-5 glasses of wine in moderation, but liberally partake in Lamb meat, horseradish, and unleavened bread. Cry out to God in your time of need, diligently seek Him, and be attentive when He moves or acts in your life. Passover is about leaving with haste, and remembering.