Weekly Chavurat – Small Groups

Multiple Times, Locations, and Studies. Contact Us For Info.

Saturday – 03pm Shabbat Service

  • Babysitting Services: 1400hrs (02pm). 00-05yrs. Till 1730hrs (05:30pm).

  • Dance Practice: 1415hrs (02:15pm). All Ages. Various Styles.

  • Main Shabbat Services: 1500hrs (03pm) CT. All. Praise and Teaching.

  • Shabbat School: 1545hrs (03:45pm), 05-13yrs. During Service.

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Hebrew Calendar (NOT Service Times)

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Chavurah (Small Group) Meetings
Sep 26 – Sep 29 all-day

Various Times and Locations. Email For Information.

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Passings @ Messiah Echad Oneg Room
Sep 30 @ 14:00

Please let us know if you are marking a bring an anniversary, birthday, or passing, of yourself or a loved one.  Email the Rebbetzin with any questions or dates.

Shabbat (Saturday) Service
Sep 30 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Monthly Oneg (Potluck) @ Messiah Echad Oneg Room
Sep 30 @ 16:00 – 16:15

Please bring a biblically kosher dish to share, and email the Rebbetzin with any questions.

Chavurah (Small Group) Meetings
Oct 3 – Oct 6 all-day

Various Times and Locations. Email For Information.

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Messiah Echad is the most real place, on this Earth… It’s a place of broken, yet mended people, who know they’re surrounded by many other broken, yet mended people… each and every one knows they are loved, knows they are welcome, knows they can be real, and still be embraced. It’s the most beautiful mossaic I’ve ever seen…. I love you guys, I love that you listened to and followed His calling.


We have noticed a lot of changes in our family. We have been witnesses to many blessings and favors since starting our journey; seeking the Kingdom of God and commencing to observe Sabbath Day Worship. We have also benefited from the many fruits of the Holy Spirit, such as peace, wisdom, happiness, stability, and provisions, so we thank God… Messiah Echad is making a big difference in our family.


We have been a member for almost a year now and I can not imagine our life without Messiah Echad. Our life is much more peaceful, blessed and full of joy. The people are sincere and meet you where you are in your faith. They are encouraging and loving and full of the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit). We have experienced Yahweh (God) in our everyday life on a much more grander scale then before, and (it) has increased our faith…


A fellowship full of sweet people with open hearts. The leadership welcome people of any faith to come and learn about the Hebrew Roots of Christianity, and they are willing to meet you where you are at in your walk with God (YHVH). The worship, teachings, and fellowship are definitely worth the drive, plus the chairs are comfy!


When I entered the doors of your congregation I felt a love and warmth of the people. I was greeted with happy greetings and a joy that you don’t receive at many churches. I felt the spirit of God throughout the whole time of worship. Thank you for welcoming me and praying for me in a time of special need.


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