There is no one like You, and none beside You, because You are holy Jesus. You are worthy of every song we could ever sing, and I will put my trust in You alone. After praise and worship, Pastor John came up to summarize Torah Portion Nasso, Lift Up, Numbers 4:21 – 7:89. When we sin against each other, not only shall we make it right but we should add a fifth, to make it better. And when you make a vow, such as the Nazarite did, you have to start back from the beginning when you break it. Praise reports included feeling alive, then we prayed for our nation, before Rabbi Jonathan came up to talk. Black Lives Matter was the topic of discussion, and of course all lives do matter, but should we ever focus on specific needs or communities? Yes we should, and God did so, even when the people He focused on were sinners or murderers. So, Black Lives Matter, share this message, and stay safe. The Facebook Live Video can be found at and the slides are uploaded to