During praise and worship, we sang in Hebrew “Yeshua, precious Lord… Immanuel… we look forward to You taking Your place on the throne of our hearts.” Being Passover Week, we did not have a Torah Portion, but did have James speak on Exodus 12:21-51. Reflecting on elements from our Seder, and the last plague, we realize it is not up to us to save people. We can guard people, and lead them to Him who saves, but we are not people’s salvation. May this truth, set you free. Praise reports included successful open-heart surgeries, and we prayed against Leukemia, before Rabbi gave us part two of his Passover Preparation message. After 430 years of slavery, why did Egypt send the Israelites out quickly? Also, why is Passover commanded to be continued after the Exodus? There is wisdom in fleeing those who defy God, lie, or are emotional unstable. And there is strategy in remembering why you left them. And the slides are https://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/20-Apr-2019-Slides.pdf