Yeshua (Jesus), You make the darkness tremble. You silence fear. Your Name is a light that the shadows can’t deny, and Your Name cannot be overcome. Amazing praise and worship, after which Gary brought forth his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Noah, Genesis 6:9 – 11:32. The sons of God began to marry the daughters of men, and Nephilim (giants) walked the earth. Evil was so rampant, God felt it necessary to destroy all flesh, save Noah and his family. Then after the waters receded, Noah made a sweet smelling offering to God. Praise reports included passed basketball official tests, and we prayed for family, before Watchman Alexander came up to teach. Did you know there are parallels between salvation, and the exodus story? Watchman outlined the process of (1) election, (2) repentance, (3) word sent by God, (4) signs, (5) salvation, (6) baptism, (7) rejoicing in song, (8) spiritual sustenance, (9) charismatic outpouring, (10) instructions given, (11) covenant, (12) set apart lifestyle, (13) completion, (14) celebration, and (15) heaven. The slides are