It was so refreshing to come back to the heart of worship, and remember that it is all about Jesus (Yeshua). And we are sorry Lord, for the thing we’ve made it. Jonathan Malthouse from As I Ponder Blog covered Chukat, Statute, Numbers 19:1 – 22:1. The red heifer sacrifice was needed when someone became unclean after touching a corpse, and thankfully today Yeshua (Jesus) is that sacrifice. The teaching Jonathan referenced is by Pastor Jim Staley. And did Israel really want to go back to Israel to be slaves, or masters? We cannot master our past, or sins. Praise reports included healings from cancer, and we prayed for medical blessings, before Rabbi Jonathan questioned I Corinthians 6:18b asserting every other sin save sexual immorality is outside the body. Anger, spoken words, pride, violence and premeditation all seem to affect our innards, as per Scripture. See for yourself. The slides are