Perils and Messianic Judaism – JLD

The Lord is worthy, to receive our praise, and Holy, as the Son of God. It was so awesome to sing about Him, and invite His presence into our service. Brother Mitch followed up with a joke, then Parsha Shemot, Names, from Exodus 1:1 – 6:1. The focus was Exodus 3:13-17, and we explored why bad things happen to good people. Part of the answer is because perils need to exist, for a great deliverance to occur… ugh, bring on the perils then. During praise reports, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin were blessed with a trip back to DC (thank you guys!), and prayer request time was powerful as always. Lastly, Rabbi Jonathan preached his first drash or sermon of the year, on the History of Messianic Judaism. We lined our beliefs against seven theological topics, and would love to hear your thoughts on them. And the slides are

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