Though oceans roar, You are the One who calms the wind and waves and makes my heart be still. The earth can give way, and mountains move into the sea, and nations rage, but I know you are in control. From the Torah Michael taught on Shoftim, Judges, Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9. We read that God established a perfect justice system in the Bible, and imagine how much better our world would be, if we followed it. Also, do not forget the tithe for the Levites (ministers), because they do so much work for the Lord and should not worry about provisions. Praise reports included favor in the workplace, and we prayed for medical victories, then Rabbi Jonathan talked about the upcoming High Holy Days. Yom Kippur is elevated above the level of Shabbat, but Sukkot is always unique. By studying the pilgrimage feasts in Deuteronomy, we discover when Yeshua (Jesus) might have been born. Definitely worth a listen. And the slides are