Although recording issues prevented the audio upload of Christopher amazing Torah Portion last week, where he spoke about the underwater land bridge in Nuweiba Egypt, we were able to upload his slides, along with those from Rabbi Jonathan speaking on atheist vs. theist beliefs. And the technology issues have been resolved! During praise and worship, we were reminded Yeshua makes darkness tremble, He silences fear, and His Name cannot be overcome. Jonathan Malthouse (from As I Ponder Blog), covered Jethro, Exodus 18:1 – 20:23. There was an organizational structure established in the days of Moses, and we are also called to obey our leaders, support them with sub-leaders, and draw closer to, not away from, God. Praise reports were in the financial, then we prayed for healing, before Rabbi Jonathan delivered his final message at our last location. It’s all about the bigger picture. And the slides for this week are