Although a technical difficulty prevented us from uploading the service as we normally do, we were able to salvage the main message, a few minutes in. Rabbi Jonathan spoke about things that worry him like lawlessness, which signals the end of the world, and Christmas Trees or worship of celestial events, which is contra biblical. What would a modern day Jesus do if He saw us participating in old world (pagan) folklore superstition, such as burning trees to release christmas spirits and bring good luck to farmers. We should avoid knee jerk reactions because firstly, Jesus would want us to live peaceably with all men (Romans 12:18). Secondly, we Jesus would probably encourage us not be separationists and hide, rather He calls us to be lights in this world, so we should do the best we can (John 17:15-18). Lastly, God encourages us to separate ourselves from the un-biblical things of this world. And the slides are