Jealousy and Old Times – JLD

In our first service of 2017, we sang how our love for God is overwhelming. If G-d had feet, we would want to sit at them, and if He had a heartbeat, we’d want to feel it! In the parsha, Rabbi Jonathan covered Vayigash, he approached, from Genesis 44:18 – 47:27. Due to the unbelief of Israel’s descendants (Jews), G-d gave salvation to the Gentiles (Christians), but it was to win back the Jews, in jealousy. And jealousy was also used to bless Joseph’s, and Egypt; how has God blessed you, to entice people to Him? Then, after praise reports and prayer, Pastor Duane, took us on a Pentecostal style journey, to that old time religion. One of our unique gifts is an Acts 2:38, Azusa Street style presence of the Holy Ghost. Amen… and next Shabbat, we welcome Pastor Gunnar from Gateway Church in Dallas. And the slides are

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