Although we have been in stealth mode for almost two years with the blog, our in person and on-line services have been lit! With a royal purple backdrop, tambourines, and a brass trumpet, we *sang* Hallelu Et Adonai… Praise The Lord! Michael delivered his inaugural Torah Portion, He Gathered and Countings, Exodus 35:1 – 40:38. The focus this year was on the dwelling place for appointed times, and the glory of the Lord. Praise reports included sold properties and we prayed for healings, before Rabbi Jonathan taught us how to Conquer Impossible Situations. Here is a hint… neither your financial resources nor how much you know, will help you with you conquer the impossible. You can watch this service even without Facebook, and you can even see archived videos on our vlog. And for those audio recording or podcast aficionados, fear not… both will return soon. Ciao,