Yeshua El Yakar. Seh tamim, v’atuf hadar. Peh Echad, korim lecha Immanu’el Baruch Haba. Yeshua, with one voice we cry out to You, and bid You a speedy return. After praise and worship, Rebbetzin Melinda talked to the children about Parsha Ki Tisa, when you take. In Exodus 30:11 – 34:35, we see the Israelites become fearful of Moses being delayed on Mount Sinai, but is fear ever an excuse to make our own gods? Thankfully Moses was able to successfully plead for mercy, which was granted to the Israelites. Praise reports included a sizeable donation, and we prayed for places to live, after which Rabbi Jonathan spoke about our second statement of faith, belief in Jesus Christ. As Jesus was the Son of God, there is a deity aspect to Him, but Jesus was also the son of Joseph, a man. Lastly, Jesus (Yeshua) was raised Jewish. And the slides are