Praise and worship was awesome, as we sang “behold Him, Yeshua, the glory of the people Israel”. And on that day when Israel accepts Yeshua as the Messiah, everything will change. Our Elder in confirmation, John Morgan, covered Torah Portion Behalotecha, The Journey Begins, Numbers 8:1 – 12:16. After seeing a pillar of fire by night, and cloud cover during the day, the Israelites still decided to complain, and they got punished for doing so. The Israelites also spoke against their leader Moses, yet he was whom God spoke to directly. Praise reports included peace during very tense situations, and we prayed for healing, then Rabbi Jonathan talked about dealing with haters. Being hated is a function of us following God and the Bible. Embrace your haters and enemies because interestingly, God uses them to bless us. God also wants to prepare a table, in front of our enemies. And the slides are