Yes, there is a virus that people are talking about, but in Christ our hope is found! He is our light, strength, song, and solid ground. After praise and worship, John Carlson covered And He Called, Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26. Sacrifices and offerings were made in the Old Testament, and even New Testament believers (Christians) should make them. Praise reports included finding beauty in flowers, and we prayed for our world, before Rabbi Jonathan came up to teach. After recapping the nine gifts of the Spirit, we talked about a virus or pestilence or bacteria that affected one group of people, but not those who believed in God. We need that same “pass-over” right now and we will help you find one!. Get a lamb or sacrifice without blemish. Avoid leaven for 7 days. Know your rights (church is essential in TX), look forward to the 2nd Passover on May 07th, and tune into our Facebook live videos each Shabbat. The slides are also uploaded