Covenant and One Law – JLD

There is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary. There is a stillness in the atmosphere… come lay down the burdens you have carried, for in the sanctuary, God is here. Amen. In the torah portion, Brother Adam covered Yitro, Jethro, from Exodus 18:1 – 20:23. By studying the Hebrew, one might see God’s message applying to all mankind, not just those at Mt. Sinai. Hmm. Then was the establishment of a court system (Elders), the Ten Commandments, and the admonition to pursue righteousness. Great segue drash, which after praise reports and prayer requests, dovetailed beautifully into Brother Mitch’s asking if there is One Law, Two Laws, or more? We know this is hotly debated topic that (wrongly) separates Messianic Judaism from Hebrew Roots Christianity; what does the bible say? Email us your thoughts, and enjoy the slides

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