After praise and worship, and dismissing our children to Shabbat School with a tutor from Mathnasium, Lowell delivered his inaugural Torah Portion, When You Take, Exodus 30:11 – 34:35. Does God care if we are physically clean, or is spiritual cleanliness all that matters? Was the charismatic moment on Pentecost in Acts the first time believers were filled with the Spirit? There were lots of great things in this parsha, to include insights about the tablets. Praise reports included findings dogs, and we prayed for co-workers, then Rabbi Jonathan addressed the microscopic elephant in the room. At the name of Yeshua (Jesus) every knee (including coronavirus) shall bow. God has given our bodies the power to tread over scorpions, serpents, and even viruses. And yes, during these troubling times, please wash your hands, isolate as needed, and chill out on kisses. But (limited) services will be on every week, and we will try to also live stream on Facebook. The slides are uploaded