Rabbi Jonathan’s Coming C.L.E.A.N™ Methodology

  1. (Confess) Reveal the secret or lie to Rabbi Jonathan
    1. Discuss the destruction and decay the secret and ensuing cover-up may have caused
  2. (Learn) Finding culpability – Sharing the blame with family members, friends
    1. Build the foundation from which to come clean – show the person’s overall value and that they are a good person and that things don’t happen in a vacuum.
    2. Self loathing is addressed and Jonathan builds the person up
  3. (Explain) Recreating/re-enacting behaviors associated with the cover up
    1. Meet a former Lie or Secret Carrier
    2. Tension breaker – In the middle of the coming CLEAN™ process, Jonathan introduces an unrelated and slightly unnerving activity to help reset their attention. They can forget about the situation and approach the solution with fresh eyes.
    3. View a candid interview with the people who have been lied to or didn’t know the truth about someone they loved
    4. Consult different experts, on a case by case basis
  4. (Accountability) Plan to reveal the truth
    1. Who needs to be there
    2. What is the setting
    3. What is the format; group or one on one
    4. When should it happen
    5. Practice the reveal to Jonathan and/or other experts
    6. Full Disclosure – at chosen venue and with friends/family etc.
  5. (Nurture) Happily ever after
    1. Next phase of life, reward, step up,
    2. Follow up?

*All inquiries and counseling services are treated with the utmost in confidentiality and discretion and adhere to all Rabbinical and Pastoral expectations of non-disclosure.