Clean Hands and Temples – JLD

We sang kadosh, kadosh, kadosh… Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot, because holy, holy, holy, is our Lord God of hosts indeed. During the parsha, Rabbi Jonathan covered Ki Tisa, When You Take, Exodus 30:11 – 34:35. In the census tax, God requires the same amount from all people, which is different than the tithe, where give is based on income. There was also the golden cow incident or debacle, the covenant being renewed, and the reminder to always wash your hands. Praise reports included getting a Lexus, and we prayer was also awesome! Finally, special thanks to Rabbi Schneider from Discovering the Jewish Jesus, for sending out Dustin Roberts to speak on the tabernacle. God has a divine system for the way He wants us to enter into relationship with Him, and it is based on the design of the tabernacle. And the slides are

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