I’ve seen You move; come move the mountains, and I believe, I’ll see You do it again. You made a way, where there was no way, and I believe, I’ll see You do it again. Andronicus summarized Ki Tisa, When You Take, from Exodus 30:11 – 34:35. Even if our names are blotted out from the books, due to sin, the blood of Yeshua can count us back in. But do you really want to do things that would test this? We skipped praise reports, then prophetically prayed for our Rabbi, before he delivered a powerful message on the Son of God. It does not matter if others claim to be the son of a god, only the Son of our God (YHVH) has unmatched power, and He has been around since the beginning of time. Yet there is a dual nature to the Son of God, on account of Him being born as a human, to Joseph and Mary. Lastly, He was raised under The Law of Moses, and went on to do great miracles, which we can do also… greater even! And the slides are https://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/23-Feb-2019-Slide.pdf