Breaking Ankles and Finances – JLD

We invite you to get lost in the words “More Love”, “More Power”, “More Of You In My Life”. Today, cast all of your cares on Him. Yes. Rabbi Jonathan did, and he covered Vayechi, He Lived, Genesis 47:28 – 50:26. This parsha was real, and we learned that our Rabbi was confrontational in times past, to include breaking ankles but big picture, is it our place to punish people or play God? If you are a Jacob, help those people in your care, get along. As a Joseph, forgive. And as the Brothers, repent. Finally, after praise reports, a public confession, then prayer requests, Pastor Gunnar from Gateway Church in Dallas ( preached on financial stewardship. Its all about firsts, generosity, minimal debt, saving, margin (profit), budgets, and eternal perspective. And the slides are attached

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