Antagonizer Joseph and Chanukah Prophecies – JLD

During some spirit filled praise and worship young Mya reminded us that who the Son sets free, oh is free indeed. Right now, boldly declare “I am a child of God; yes I am!” Rabbi Jonathan taught on Miketz, Genesis 41:1 – 44:17. At the end of two years in jail, falsely accused, Joseph was delivered to Pharaoh to interpret a dream. Joseph went on to become second in charge of Egypt, then antagonized his brothers… he was not perfect, and the world overly criticized those imperfections, but God used it to effect prophecy. We praised God for successful surgeries, and saved limbs, then prayed for provisions, before Garry delivered an excellent sermon on Chanukah. Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 78626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup. Exciting! And the slides are

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Is Chanukah Or Christmas Biblical?- JLD

Although technical difficulties prevented the Torah Portion (Vayeshev, He Settled, Genesis 37:1 – 40:23) from making the audio recording, Harry did an excellent job catching us up on Jacob. Marty Goetz graced us with his signature Chanukah song during prayer time, reminding us to walk as children of the light, during this feast of dedication, festival of lights. Mel shared some thoughts on having an eternal perspective, with your finances, trusts, and wills. Remember, you are never too young, or old, to meet with a licensed attorney to generate a will, durable power of attorney, and an advanced directive regarding your healthcare. Feel free to call or email Messiah Echad, for more information. Then as for Chanukah… did you know Jesus Christ observed it? And if He did, we too can enjoy donuts, dreidels, gelt, and menorahs, while passing on santa, christmas trees, and coveting presents. Let this season be about what the Bible says. The slides are

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Vayishlach, Wrestling, and Cultural Intelligence – JLD

All I need is You Lord. Help me leave my fear by the side of the road, hear You speak, and fall to my knees in prayer. A cappella style, we enjoyed focusing on the One who holds the universe, and everyone on earth. James delivered his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Vayishlach, He Sent, Genesis 32:3 – 36:43. Jacob fearfully split his camp when Esau came to meet him, and then Jacob wrestled with God, before receiving a blessing that changed his name to Israel. We also read about Dinah, and Rachel, who despite her shortcomings, was used by God. Praise reports included anonymous tithes and gifted dresses, then we prayed for wisdom, before Rabbi Jonathan taught a practical sermon on Strength Finders, and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Please take the time to purchase the book, learn about yourself, and grow your CQ from level one to level four. Doing this will increase our reach, and witness, to the community. And the slides are

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Crossroads and Big Announcement – JLD

You no longer have to be a slave to fear. You are a child of God and if you need help feeling His love, or surrounding yourself in His Arms, come praise and worship with us. Jonathan Malthouse (from As I Ponder Blog) did his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Vayetze, He Went Out, Genesis 28:10 – 32:2. We outlined the differences between good shepherds, and lazy ones, then talked about taking caution before having relations or getting married. Also, be mindful not to become stuck in life, as Jacob did, at a place or doing something God did not instruct you. Praise reports included cleared debts, new members and healings, then we prayed for much the same, after which Rabbi Jonathan delivered his History of Messiah Echad and State of The Congregation Address. We beat 96% failure odds in our first five years, and a 4 year burnout time for the senior leader thanks to God. Yet, this sermon contains our biggest announcement ever. Please listen, and then pray. The slides are

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Stolen Blessings and Praying For Leaders – JLD

During praise and worship, we proclaimed that You (Yehsua) are bigger than any battle we face. You are better than anything we chase. You are the King of our hearts. Gary Reedy came up to deliver the torah portion, Toldot, Family History, Genesis 25:19 – 28:9. Isaac entreated God to have a son, and He gave Isaac two. Esau was the hairy firstborn and Jacob came out second, holding his brother’s heel. Birthrights were sold, wives were called sisters, and kings saw how much God blesses His people! Wow… who needs soap operas when you have the Bible. We praised God for veterans, and prayed for cysts, before Brandon came up to teach on the importance of praying for our leaders. We must set aside time to intercede; to stand in the gap and implore God to uplift all the leaders in our faith circles. From the small group leader to the senior pastor, pray for those who serve, and do it now.

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Torah Portion Quiz and Knowing Our Place – JLD

We are His portion and He is our prize. I am drawn to the redemption by the grace in God’s eyes, because He loves me. Rabbi Jonathan asked seven questions from Vayera, He Appeared, Genesis 18:1 – 22:24. Let us know if you answered them all correctly, which included questions on if grace began in the Old Testament, and if God loves or blesses Muslims. Brother Gary came up for praise report and prayer requests, which included family members accepting Yeshua and prayers for health, then Rabbi Jonathan addressed the Rabbi Loren Jacobs controversy. Despite the broader Jewish community being offended, we assert that Messianic Judaism is not fake, offensive by design, or second rate. We check everything biblically, know our “place” is as children of God, and are prayed up. So to the NBC News Articles and, here is Rabbi Jonathan’s response. And the slides are uploaded.

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Heaven, Halloween, and Trunk or Treat – JLD

You are worthy to receive our praise. You are the Son of God. Come and fill this place Yeshua (Jesus), and be present in our lives. After dynamic praise and worship, Watchman Alexander spoke on Chayei Sarah, Sarah’s Life, Genesis 23:1 – 25:18. Abraham gathered to his people after he died, and this portion gives insight into where we go when we die. Contrary to popular belief, sinners do not go to “hell” directly, rather everyone descends to Hades for a time, though believers hang out in a protected area, till Messiah comes. And this is how we know the dead are not in heaven; when Christ comes, they will rise first, from hades. Praise reports included offices that did not flood, and we prayed for shoulder replacement surgery, then Rabbi Jonathan talked about whether or not believers should participate in Halloween, to include Church “alternatives”. It is time to take a stand for the Word. And the slides are

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Go Forth, Traditions, and Commandments – JLD

Spirit burn… burn right through. We want to glorify Your name and let Your kingdom rule over our hearts. Deep reflection before Brandon summarized Lech Lecha, Go Forth, Genesis 12:1 – 17:27. Chapter 12 discusses Abraham being called, while 13 talks about Abraham and Lot. Tithes are given and God makes a covenant, then we meet Sarah and Haggar. The covenant of circumcision rounds out this portion but the big question is; “why are we here”? We are here to go forth and seek God’s will, when called. After praising God for new members, and praying for health, we welcomed Rabbi Jonathan back from Israel. Hearing Rabbi share his life with us is a treat, and his pictures make him relatable. The message was on the third part of our mission and vision… showing people how to love Messiah (John 14:15). May we keep the commandments, be cultural aware, not idolize our traditions, strengthen our testimony, and unite! And the slides are

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Righteousness, Salvation, and The Exodus – JLD

Yeshua (Jesus), You make the darkness tremble. You silence fear. Your Name is a light that the shadows can’t deny, and Your Name cannot be overcome. Amazing praise and worship, after which Gary brought forth his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Noah, Genesis 6:9 – 11:32. The sons of God began to marry the daughters of men, and Nephilim (giants) walked the earth. Evil was so rampant, God felt it necessary to destroy all flesh, save Noah and his family. Then after the waters receded, Noah made a sweet smelling offering to God. Praise reports included passed basketball official tests, and we prayed for family, before Watchman Alexander came up to teach. Did you know there are parallels between salvation, and the exodus story? Watchman outlined the process of (1) election, (2) repentance, (3) word sent by God, (4) signs, (5) salvation, (6) baptism, (7) rejoicing in song, (8) spiritual sustenance, (9) charismatic outpouring, (10) instructions given, (11) covenant, (12) set apart lifestyle, (13) completion, (14) celebration, and (15) heaven. The slides are

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In The Beginning and Job Like Trials – JLD

With arms lifted to the heavens, we praised You forever Lord, because You are Adonai. In our congregation, Yeshua (Jesus) is truly the joy of life, and we enjoy singing Kadosh Ata. Adam began with Bereshit, Genesis 1:1 – 6:8. God is light, and He spoke it into existence in the beginning, along with the Torah or Word. The creation account provides many great insights, but a particular focus this year was avoiding pride and self-righteousness. Do not allow pride to entice you with fruit from modern trees of the knowledge of good and evil, rather seek fruit from the Tree of Life. Praise reports included sold homes, and we prayed for families, as well as health, before Rabbi Jonathan spoke on the Story of Job. This message will help you determine if you are receiving a Job-like Trial, act of randomness, or the effect of your life choices. We pray this message educated you and the slides are

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