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16 November 2019. God Appearing and Biblical Unity – JLD. Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tent of the righteousness, and the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things for us. So let us sing for joy in the Lord, and blow a trumpet in Zion. Great praise and worship, after which Rabbi Jonathan spoke on Genesis 18:1 – 22:24. God appeared to Abraham as three men, and God had two angels appear to Lot… imagine how you would feel, if God did similar for you. We also learned about bargaining with God, drinking in moderation, and how God works even through imperfect people. Lastly, what would you be willing to give up or sacrifice, if God blessed you? Praise reports included deliverances, and we prayed for medical victories, after which our special guest David Wilber delivered a message on Unity In The Body of Messiah. Our oneness or unity as believers has a direct impact on our witness to the world. So mind the things that cause fights and disunity. And the after service teaching on If God Is A Misogynist is BBB


09 November 2019. Abraham and Conflict Resolution – JLD. God is jealous for us, and loves us like a hurricane where we are a tree that bends beneath the weight of His wind and mercy. Truly, God loves us all. Jonathan Malthouse from As I Ponder Blog brought for Torah Portion Lech Lecha, Go Forth, Genesis 12:1 – 17:27. Many of the older patriarchs from Adam to Noah benefited from long life spans, giving them more time to instruct the younger generations. Also in this section is the Abrahamic Blessing and Covenant, which the Church does not replace. There was also some insight into Noah being part of the Melchizedek priesthood. Praise reports included natural healing and selling a home, then we prayed for safety before Rabbi Jonathan came up to teach. If you have a problem with your brother, go to them first, because in so doing is your blessing. Conversely you can whisper and gossip about people, but that is ungodly and destroys friendships. Let us do what the Bible says.


02 November 2019. Progression of Sin and Women Leaders – JLD. I am not here for blessings and Jesus You don’t owe me anything. More than anything that You can do, I just want You. After praise and worship, Rabbi Jonathan continued on with Parashat Noach, Noah, Genesis 6:9 – 11:32. Noah was not perfect, but he was considered blameless in his time, and just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the second coming. Noah also knew which animals were kosher, and boy did he see how quickly sin progressed in his lifetime. Praise reports included safety, and trips to Israel, then we prayed for family members, before Rabbi Jonathan came up to teach again. There are the questions of can women teach in the church, and should women teach in the church? Well as per Scripture, of course women can teach men but we see they should prioritize instructing younger females. Be sure to put aside your thoughts, and hear this message.


26 October 2019. In The Beginning and Halloween – JLD. Behold Him, Yeshua. The glory of Your people Israel, is Yeshua the Messiah. He is the Light, He shines in the darkness, and He is the One True Light. After praise and worship, Christopher opened up Bereshit, In The Beginning, with Genesis 1:1 – 6:8. Elohim, and His Son Yeshua, are part of the alpeh and tav in Hebrew, which were there since the beginning. We were created by God with His hand, and direction, which we need, lest we become a fire. Finally, we can find favor, even when there is wickedness all around. Some people praised God for ironic college entries, while others prayed for divorce and asthma attacks, then Rabbi Jonathan taught about the elephant in the room. Halloween has a dark, sordid history that believers would do well to avoid, even if just a “trunk or treat” at the Church because, what light has fellowship with darkness?  Choose you this day whom will you serve.


19 October 2019. Prayer, Temples, and Festival Talk – JLD. When the music fades and all is stripped away, I simply come to You Lord. Today, I am coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about you Jesus (Yeshua). I am sorry Lord for the thing I have made it. We did not have an official Torah Portion, so had three ladies share how the readings impacted them this year. Mayela spoke about a powerful prayer that made everything okay. Gynell pondered on how the holy place from Torah, is now our bodies in the New Covenant. Lynell closed out the time talking about the festivals and how they relate to Yeshua (Jesus). Praise reports included sweet fellowship, and we prayed against cancer, then Rabbi Jonathan came to summarize our Sukkot small group discussions. May we avoid division by not stressing how we are right, rather how we can be united. And are women really commanded to never speak in the Church? Many things to consider, to include the Biblical ways to handle conflict.


12 October 2019. Mystery Letter and Sukkot – JLD. It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You. This is how I fight my battles; You have already overcome! Then all the way from South Glens Falls, New York, Mitch (Author of “Torah, The 3 U’s Version”) spoke on Ha’azinu, Give Ear, Deuteronomy 32:1-52. There is a large, mystery letter in Torah between verse 5 and 6 of chapter 32. What’s the purpose of this emphasis? Maybe we need to ask ourselves if our generation wants to be wicked and corrupt, or follow God. There is no middle ground, and we need to obey God, even, especially, after miracles. We praised God for cats that survived injury, then prayed for deliverance from medical and situational oppression, before Rabbi Jonathan mentioned his run for office, and taught about Sukkot. After resting, we are commanded to make numerous types of offerings, then gather the four species, because fall Should be about God, not Halloween.


09 October 2019. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – JLD. The Lord spoke to Moses saying, “these are the appointed feasts of the Lord that you shall proclaim as holy convocations.” The High Holy Days are not about being Jewish, rather following God. We began with our Tashlich (casting off) Service on Yom Teruah (feast of trumpets), also known as Rosh Hashanah (head of the year). May our sins truly be cast into the depths of the sea, as we surrender everything to God, and withhold nothing from Him. We are desperate for You God, and what to know you more in this upcoming year. Then as God reflects on all of mankind and His creation, ask yourself, how have you been living your life this past year? Will you be sealed in the book of life, or will your name be blotted out for habitual, unrepentant sin? We all grow weary and commit sins, whether intentionally or not, so may we receive strength and atonement through You God. May we confess, respond with Al Chet, and do better.


28 September 2019.  Blessings, Curses Feast of Trumpets – JLD. Lord, I worship You because of who you are; Jehovah Jireh, my provider, Jehovah Nissi, You reign in victory, Jehovah Shalom, my Prince of Peace. We worship You. Michael summarized Torah Portion Nitzavim, Standing, Deuteronomy 29:9 – 30:20. Moses gathers all the people to enter into the covenant, and that includes strangers (non-ethnic Jews) to enter in. The new testament is the old testament concealed; the old is the new revealed. Don’t be stiff-necked. Follow God. Praise reports included navigating a skunk attack, and we prayed for family members, then Rabbi Jonathan made an epic announcement, before teaching about the Feast of Trumpets. Our world is what it is, because not enough believers take God’s message outside of their congregations… go out, make the news, and make a difference! And Rosh Hashanah or Yom Teruah is all about rest, trumpets, and offerings to the Lord. To a blessed new year, and LaShana Tova!


21 September 2019. Blessings, Curses, and True Love – JLD. If you are hurting and broken, or overwhelmed by the weight of your sin, know that Yeshua (Jesus) is calling you. Simply come to the altar, and know that forgiveness was bought with His precious blood. Chris summarized Ki Tavo, When You Come In, Deuteronomy 26:1 – 29:8. We talked about annual and third year tithes, that are to be given to the Levites. And if we are careful to obey what God has commanded us, we will be blessed. Disobedience brings curses, quite a lot of them actually, so it behooves us to follow after what God commands us. Praise reports included safety in the storm, and we prayed for our members before Rabbi Jonathan came up to talk about mental health. The second greatest commandment is loving your neighbor, and remember, love does NOT insist its own way. Love is not a bully, and does not pressure people. Rather love is patient and kind, and puts the needs of others before self.


14 September 2019. Women’s Rights and Neighbors – JLD. We have been liberated from our bondage of past behaviors, fears, and addictions, so let us sing our freedom and declare that we are all children of God. Amazing praise and worship! John Carlson delivered his inaugural Torah Portion at Messiah Echad, Ki Tetze, When You Go Forth, Deuteronomy 21:10 – 25:19. Despite what some people say about women’s rights in Torah, we read how God values even female prisoners or captives. It is time to just get committed, and forget not the law, rather trust in the Lord and acknowledge Him in all our ways. Praise reports included blessings from our obedience, and we prayed for a church divided, before Rabbi Jonathan taught about loving our neighbors. The Good Samaritan, a helpful unbeliever, is the person we are called to love. And love is not impatient or pushy or rude… make sure to show love, to your neighbors, especially during the High Holy Days.


07 September 2019. Perfect Justice and High Holy Days – JLD. Though oceans roar, You are the One who calms the wind and waves and makes my heart be still. The earth can give way, and mountains move into the sea, and nations rage, but I know you are in control. From the Torah Michael taught on Shoftim, Judges, Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9. We read that God established a perfect justice system in the Bible, and imagine how much better our world would be, if we followed it. Also, do not forget the tithe for the Levites (ministers), because they do so much work for the Lord and should not worry about provisions. Praise reports included favor in the workplace, and we prayed for medical victories, then Rabbi Jonathan talked about the upcoming High Holy Days. Yom Kippur is elevated above the level of Shabbat, but Sukkot is always unique. By studying the pilgrimage feasts in Deuteronomy, we discover when Yeshua (Jesus) might have been born. Definitely worth a listen.


31 August 2019. Blessings, Curses, and Keeping Shabbat – JLD. When your fears overwhelm you, troubles surround you, and the winds of life rise up to take you, do you run to your hiding place? We do, and have found a secret place in the shelter of Almighty’s love, in the safety of the Savior’s arms. John covered Torah Portion See, Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17, where blessings and curses were set before the children of Israel. If we keep the commandments (Torah), we will be blessed and if we do not keep the commandments such as kosher or holy days, we open ourselves to curses. Praise reports included telling unbiblical thoughts to leave, and we charismatically praised God for healing, then prayed for transitions before Rabbi Jonathan taught about Shabbat. Six days we shall do all our work, but on the seventh day, not even our slaves or animals shall work. Granted, the Mishna (Jewish tradition) makes Shabbat complicated, Yeshua (Jesus) clarified it all.


24 August 2019. Fasting, Prayer, and Eschatology – JLD. We will run, we will run to the mountains of God, because there we can sound the alarm and safely proclaim that our Salvation has come! Jonathan Malthouse from As I Ponderblog covered Torah Portion Ekev, Consequence, from Deuteronomy 7:12 – 11:25. Many blessings are conditional, dependent on if we obey God’s Word. And Jesus was not the first to demonstrate that we do not live on bread alone, rather Moses fasted on a mountain and interceded for Israel, for 40 days. Also, truly, God can and does use even unrighteous leaders, so that His will be done. We praised God for trade school students being hired on the spot, and prayed for medical miracles, before Rabbi Jonathan Dade taught a message on Eschatology (end times). That’s right, we dug into the things from Mathew and Revelations that will signal the final days, and we discussed what we need to do in the interim. Listen to this sermon!


17 August 2019. Ten Commandments and Kindness – JLD. I sing praises to Your Name, oh Lord, for Your Name is great, and greatly to be praised. And this is also why we give glory to Your Name. Amen. This week’s Torah Portion, Va’etchanan, I Pleaded, Deuteronomy 3:23 – 7:11, was beautifully presented by Michael. We are not supposed to add too, nor take away from, the Word of God, so be mindful of what and how you preach. The Ten Commandments are also contained in this section, and a notable one believers miss is observing the Shabbat. Praise reports included healing from pain, and we prayed for a family that opens their heart to foster children, then Rabbi Jonathan had a few words about kindness. Too many believers fill their day and mind with righteous anger but what about kindness? Should believers mistreat immigrants or illegal aliens? The Bible calls us to be much more loving and kind than we often are, in the current day.


10 August 2019. Word, Missions and Visions – JLD. My soul pants for God and God alone, because all I want is You. We will run the race set before us, and we will seek Your face as the prize of our lives. Praise and Worship was uniquely electric at Messiah Echad this weekend! Rabbi Jonathan opened up with Devarim, Words, Deuteronomy 1:1 – 3:22. Why did Moses need to reiterate the commandments and history? Maybe because we forget all too easily. If the Lord begins to bless you, make sure you begin to accept it or take your part in receiving. And make sure to be mindful of any stipulations God may place over the blessings He is giving you. Praise reports included job promotions, and we prayed for peace and healing, before Rabbi Jonathan came back up to teach about our Mission and Vision. Part of what we are about at Messiah Echad is showing people how to love God. We need to love Him alone, love Him cheerfully, and love other believers.


27 July 2019. Zealous Believers and Membership – JLD. Truly, all I need is you Lord. You hold the universe. You hold everyone on earth. May we grow ever closer to you, and allow our hearts to beat for You. Michael spoke about the Hebrew roots of our faith, and the lens through which we should view the Bible, before diving into Pinchas, Numbers 25:10 – 30:1. We as believers need to be people of action, and when we see sin occurring, it is our responsibility to do something about it. This Torah Portion also talked about women’s rights, and inheritances, then ended with Moses learning he would not enter the promised land. We praised God for friends interested in visiting our church, and we prayed against cancer, before Rabbi Jonathan spoke on the Parable of The Lost Sheep. We should not try to rescue everyone, rather those who know the voice of their leader. Going astray is different than running away. And we should not jeopardize the majority.


20 July 2019. Donkeys Talk and Wives Submit – JLD.  Praise and worship was powerful, as we sang “Gadol Elohai Shiru ki Gadol Elohai”. How great is our God, and wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, we invite you to pause and sing with us about His greatness. James brought forth Balak, Numbers 22:2 – 25:9, where Balak saw the Lord help the Israelites defeat their enemies, and paid Balam to curse Israel. But Balam was convinced by God Himself and a talking donkey that saw an angel, to do otherwise. Praise reports included fun in basic training, shrinking cancer, and instantaneous healing, then we prayed for jobs and our vehicles. Our Pastor and Elder in confirmation, John, brought forth an insightful teachin on Ephesians 5:21-25. Men are to love their wives like Christ loves the Church, but are we also ready to make sacrifices for our wives? When you learn the context around “wives submit to your husband”, you learn a lot more.


13 July 2019. Red Heifers and Holy Bodies – JLD. It was so refreshing to come back to the heart of worship, and remember that it is all about Jesus (Yeshua). And we are sorry Lord, for the thing we’ve made it. Jonathan Malthouse from As I Ponder Blog covered Chukat, Statute, Numbers 19:1 – 22:1. The red heifer sacrifice was needed when someone became unclean after touching a corpse, and thankfully today Yeshua (Jesus) is that sacrifice. The teaching Jonathan referenced is by Pastor Jim Staley. And did Israel really want to go back to Israel to be slaves, or masters? We cannot master our past, or sins. Praise reports included healings from cancer, and we prayed for medical blessings, before Rabbi Jonathan questioned I Corinthians 6:18b asserting every other sin save sexual immorality is outside the body. Anger, spoken words, pride, violence and premeditation all seem to affect our innards, as per Scripture.


06 July 2019. Submitting and Being Faithful – JLD. Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God. We can not earn it and do not deserve it, yet God still gave Himself away for us. And truly there is no obstacle He will not overcome, or evil He will not destroy, to come after us. In the Torah Portion, Christopher taught on Numbers 16:1 – 18:32, which was the second major rebellion against Moses. Korach convinced 250 well known men to rebel against Moses and Aaron, stating everyone was equal… all those in the rebellion died. And the very next day, 14,700 more rebellious people died, for also refusing to submit to their authorities. Wow. Powerful lesson. Praise reports included healing from eczema and we prayed for Army preparations, before Rabbi Jonathan spoke about lessons he learned throughout life. Take life one day at a time. Be faithful in the little things. Make the most out of everything. God wants to bless your life with more.


29 June 2019. Facing Giants and Fostering Diversity – JLD. If you are hurting and broken within, or overwhelmed with the hurt of your sin, know that Jesus (Yeshua) is calling. Through Him you can leave behind your regrets and mistakes, and trade your sorrows for joy. After worship, Michael covered Torah Portion Shelach, Send, Numbers 13:1 – 15:41. The Israelites knew God was giving them the promised land flowing with milk and honey, yet they still feared the inhabitants, who were giants. That fear made Israel lose their favor, and a whole generation of people were unable to enter the land. Praise reports this week included no injuries during car accidents, and we prayed for land, before Rabbi Jonathan talked about diversity in the Church. Despite Sunday morning being the most segregated hour in Christian America, Messiah Echad reaches out to Christians, Jews, Blacks, Whites, etc., because we believe the Bible wants us to all be one (Echad) and equal.


22 June 2019. Criticizing Leaders and Dealing With Hate – JLD. Praise and worship was awesome, as we sang “behold Him, Yeshua, the glory of the people Israel”. And on that day when Israel accepts Yeshua as the Messiah, everything will change. Our Elder in confirmation, John Morgan, covered Torah Portion Behalotecha, The Journey Begins, Numbers 8:1 – 12:16. After seeing a pillar of fire by night, and cloud cover during the day, the Israelites still decided to complain, and they got punished for doing so. The Israelites also spoke against their leader Moses, yet he was whom God spoke to directly. Praise reports included peace during very tense situations, and we prayed for healing, then Rabbi Jonathan talked about dealing with haters. Being hated is a function of us following God and the Bible. Embrace your haters and enemies because interestingly, God uses them to bless us. God also wants to prepare a table, in front of our enemies.


15 June 2019. Succession, Adultery, and Name Calling – JLD. The prophets foretold that Messiah would come; Lord we delight in Your Shabbat. Shema Yisrael the Lord God is one; Lord we truly do delight in Your Shabbat, the seventh day of the week on which even You rest. Rabbi Jonathan continued the Torah Portions with Nasso, Take Up, Numbers 4:21 – 7:89. The Levites or Priests counted in the census were those between 30 and 50 years of age… God wants us to develop succession plans. God also wants us to confess our sins, and add one fifth to anything we break or lose. Finally, our Rabbi spoke about the test for adultery which may not be used today, but God still does not look favorably upon sexual relations outside of marriage. Please stay faithful. Praise reports included safety from tornados, and we prayed for health, then Sally Klein O’Connor ( gave a powerful guest testimony about love, forgiveness, and reaching the lost.


08 June 2019. God of Order and Charismatic Expression– JLD. When the Spirit of the Lord comes upon our hearts, we dance like David danced. We also pray like David prayed, because we are charismatic like that. Let the heavens be glad, the earth rejoice, and the nations say Yahweh reigns! Christopher opened up with Bamidbar, In The Wilderness, Numbers 1:1 – 4:20. Adonai (The Lord) is an Elohim or God of order, so we cannot do strange, profane, or disorderly things, and claim it being godly. Praise reports included being healed from diabetes, and we prayed for financial blessings, before Rabbi Jonathan preached his Shavuot (Pentecost) message. The Law of Moses, Torah, needs to be read in every Church and Synagogue, to keep us believers grounded. We should also celebrate Shavuot or Pentecost, which is the day we received the Torah, as well as the Holy Spirit. But never forget to manifest the fruits of the Spirit, while operating the gifts.


25 May 2019. Shemitta, Rest, and Seasons Of Life – JLD. Here I am, I stand, with arms wide open, to the One, the Son, the Everlasting God. Praise and worship was powerful, as always. Woody spoke on Bahar, On The Mount, Leviticus 25:1 – 26:2. This section talks about sabbaticals, the land, calendars, redemption, trust, safety, and prophecy, but Woody focused on the basics. Every seven years, the Lord wants the land to enjoy a rest called the Shemitta. God also wants us to let the land rest in the fiftieth year, during which we live off the land. Praise reports included medical healings, and we prayed that God continues to bless us, before Rabbi Jonathan taught on embracing seasons of life. Even if today is your last, will you be about something larger than yourself? And despite what is going on in the world, never forget your word or Bible. Do not let fear keep you from living or doing life, and lastly, know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


18 May 2019. Holiness To God and Commandments – JLD. We feel the rains of Your Love, and the winds of Your Spirit. Let it rain God, and open the floodgates of Heaven. This is what we did joyfully, during praise and worship. James spoke on Torah Portion Emor, Speak, Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23. Moses and Aaron were not to approach holy things, or the altar, if they had unresolved sin. Also, let us not forsake the Appointed Times, Holy Days on which we are to spend time with God. Praise reports included car accidents without a scratch, and we prayed for new jobs, as well as healings, before Rabbi Jonathan spoke about our fifth statement of faith. Entering heaven is about the Blood of Yeshua AND the following of His Commandments. The Jerusalem Council affords time to folks just learning the Law, because people will learn more than the initial four, in time, which need to be followed, but never placed secondary to tradition. Lastly, do enjoy Lynell’s after service teaching on baptism.


11 May 2019. Be Holy and Happy Mother’s Day – JLD. Praise and worship included gratitude for that rugged cross, my salvation, where Yeshua’s love was poured out over us. The curse of sin has no hold on us because whom the Son sets free, is free indeed. Hallelujah. Jonathan M. spoke on Kedoshim, Leviticus 19:1 – 20:27. We are called to be holy, which includes avoiding idolatry, being benevolent, and respecting the possessions of others. We must also avoid hating our brother in our heart, and sexual immorality. And make sure to check out Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. Praise reports included teaching Christians about Torah, and we prayed for increased influence, before Rabbi Jonathan delivered his Mother’s Day message. While we honor and celebrate women, let us not worship women, or consider them equal to men, as God said otherwise. Also, never frown upon stay at home parents; they are doing the Lord’s work. Finally, know that women do positively influence our world.


04 May 2019. The Lord Said and Do Not Gossip – JLD. Rabbi Jonathan started by summarizing Acharei Mot, Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30, about holyness, consuming blood, and sexual immorality. One take was knowing our lanes, and staying in God’s call for our lives. Another was the need to avoid consuming blood, lest God turn His face against us. And every time your Pastor tells you the Law is done away with, ask him why God mentioned the statutes being forever. Praise reports included seamless job transitions, and we prayed against cancer, before Adam, spoke on lashon hara (evil tongue or derogatory speech) and the jezebel spirit. Your small tongue can say things that cause large impacts. So avoid gossip, and tame your tongue. Lastly, watch out for people with an obsessive passion to domineer, while being single mindedly determined to have their way. This is the spirit of jezebel, and can be found in men or women. See you next Shabbat, and keep counting that omer.


27 April 2019. Appear Before God and Show Love – JLD. There is no place I would rather be, than here in Your love God. Set a fire down in my soul, one that I can’t contain or control… I want more of you God. Thank you for the worship Gynell and Dianna! This week we again did not have an official Torah portion, but Adam spoke about Deuteronomy 14:22 – 16:17, and the “feet feasts”. Three times a year, all men were commanded to journey to the place God chooses… do you know which feasts these are, and do you journey to God’s dwelling place on those days? Praise reports included miraculously healed hips, and we prayed for other healings, before Rabbi Jonathan came up to talk about Near Death Experiences (NDEs). One thing in common with most all NDEs is the person awakening with an increased desire to love God, and love their neighbors more, even if they were not a believer before the NDE. So let us learn to love more, in Biblical and effective manners.


20 April 2019. Saving, Letting Go and Remembering – JLD. During praise and worship, we sang in Hebrew “Yeshua, precious Lord… Immanuel… we look forward to You taking Your place on the throne of our hearts.” Being Passover Week, we did not have a Torah Portion, but did have James speak on Exodus 12:21-51. Reflecting on elements from our Seder, and the last plague, we realize it is not up to us to save people. We can guard people, and lead them to Him who saves, but we are not people’s salvation. May this truth, set you free. Praise reports included successful open-heart surgeries, and we prayed against Leukemia, before Rabbi gave us part two of his Passover Preparation message. After 430 years of slavery, why did Egypt send the Israelites out quickly? Also, why is Passover commanded to be continued after the Exodus? There is wisdom in fleeing those who defy God, lie, or are emotional unstable. And there is strategy in remembering why you left them.


19 April 2019. Sixth Passover Seder at Messiah Echad – JLD. With folks driving over 200 miles to be with us, and others having attended each annual Seder since our first one in 2013, Passover at Messiah Echad is not an event to miss Our Haggadah or Order of Service can be found online, and we pray it is both engaging, as well as educational. There are so many connections to Yeshua (Jesus) in the elements and symbols of Passover… He encouraged the removal of leaven-sin from our lives, He wanted non-ethnic Jews to observe with and equal to Israel, and He was the ultimate, blemish free Passover Lamb. Make sure to enjoy your 4-5 glasses of wine in moderation, but liberally partake in Lamb meat, horseradish, and unleavened bread. Cry out to God in your time of need, diligently seek Him, and be attentive when He moves or acts in your life. Passover is about leaving with haste, and remembering.


13 April 2019. Biblical Leprosy and Preparing For Passover – JLD. During praise and worship, we were reminded that our help comes from You God. You are our rest and our rescue. We do not have to see to believe, because we know You are true. John delivered his inaugural Torah Portion at Messiah Echad, Metzora, Leper, Leviticus 14:1 – 15:33. The Children of Israel literally hid idols in the walls of their houses, which brought about a disease of leprosy to their houses… what modern idols do you hide or keep in your home? It would behoove you to remove them. Praise reports included found keys, and we prayed for open heart surgery, before Rabbi Jonathan talked about why he likes cycling with wounded warriors. Then as we near Passover, know that it is not a Jewish or Old Testament thing, rather a special day to the Lord. Rather Passover is a time for Spring Cleaning, removal of sinful or puffed up behaviors, and making sacrifice. Chag Semeach.


30 March 2019. Summary of Kosher Diet and Faith – JLD. At the sound of Your Great Name, the lost are saved, the condemned feel no shame, fear finds no place, and the enemy is forced to leave. After praise and worship, Rabbi Jonathan summarized Shemini, Eighth, from Leviticus 9:1 – 11:47. Right after the Children of Israel were convinced of Moses and Aaron being called, Nadab and Abihu made profane fire, and it burned them. Only holy and called men of God, should seek to do God’s work. And the Bible outlines a much simpler kosher diet to follow, than those Rabbinical authorities push. Land animals with split hooves and who chew the cud (ruminants) are clean, as are water animals with scales and fins. As for air animals, God wants you to avoid scavengers and carnivores and insects, but locusts with honey are okay. Praise reports were about sold homes and new jobs, and we prayed for healing, then Watchman Alex taught about faith.


23 March 2019. Men Of God and Purim Story – JLD.  Praise and Worship with Dr. Greg Silverman and Josh Itescu, was especially sweet… the Holy Spirit is so welcome at Messiah Echad. May we be overcome by Your Presence Lord, and Let us become more aware of Your Presence God. In the Torah Portion, Rabbi Jonathan covered Tzav, Command, Leviticus 6:1 – 8:36. No matter what your sin is, all transgressions of the Scripture are actually sins against God. And when we sin against God, we should go to men or women of God, to repent. The key take away was about how Rabbis, Pastors, and Ministers are hard core fire keeping clergy who keep things burning all day, and all night. Praise reports included answered prayer, then we lifted up needs in our families, before starting our Purim Service. We booed Haman, (Deut. 25:19), enjoyed libations (Deut.14:26), and cheered Mordecai who was the hero of the story, convincing Esther to reveal her Jewish identity.


16 March 2019. Grace in Torah and The Holy Spirit – JLD. It is always a pleasure to declare that God alone is worthy. To him, we lift our voice, and sing. May the Glory of the Lord continue to fill all places in our lives. Michael delivered his inaugural Torah Portion at Messiah Echad, Vayikra, Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26. Imagine how much better our society would be, if we folowed Torah. And despite how some people say grace did not come till the New Testament, God provided a way to forgive even unintentional sin, which was a form of grace, in the Old Testament. We praised God for sweet fellowship with lovely people, and we prayed for the health of our members, then Rabbi Jonathan taught about the Holy Spirit. Before the fall, mankind talked to God directly, then we lost that connection, and on a very special Shavuot (Pentecost) that level of communication returned. Today, do you talk to God, and manifest the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit?


09 March 2019. Temples and Defining Judgement– JLD. If we hunger and thirst for Your righteousness, and want to pass by the crowds of people, to include the priests who sing your praise, so that we see Your face, may our daily lives reflect it. James spoke from his heart about how the Lord visited him during this service, then covered “He Gathered and Counting”, Exodus 35:1 – 40:38. Moses was commanded to build and set apart a holy place for God to dwell, and in the current day, as our bodies are temples, we need to similarly keep it holy. Also, James spoke about how blessed we are to have Rabbi Jonathan. Praise reports included huge financial blessings after a member challenged God through tithing, and another member getting the specialist they needed, then we prayed for unborn babies, and pro-life ideals. Rabbi Jonathan’s very timely teaching was on what it means to judge people and when we are called to judge. Listen to this message!


02 March 2019. Tabernacles, LGBTQ Rights, and Methodism – JLD. Thank you Dawit, for leading us in worship, singing Adonai Adonai, every knee will bow to You Lord Most High. After all, Adonai alone is God, and one day every tongue will cry to Him. Brandon taught on Vayakhel, He Gathered, Exodus 35:1 – 38:20. Why were we focused again in this Torah Portion, on building the Tabernacle, when it was recently covered? The children of Israel had become impatient and prideful when Moses “delayed” from coming down the mountain. So they made an idol. The Tabernacle reiteration was for man, and to make God a place to dwell. Praise reports included no copays, and we prayed for orphans before Rabbi Jonathan spoke about #GC2019. The United Methodist Church held a conference to discuss their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ+) Members and Clergy. We support the UMC decision to uphold traditional, Biblical values, but we also welcome anyone, to visit us.


26 February 2019. Census and Why Believe in God’s Son – JLD. I’ve seen You move; come move the mountains, and I believe, I’ll see You do it again. You made a way, where there was no way, and I believe, I’ll see You do it again. Andronicus summarized Ki Tisa, When You Take, from Exodus 30:11 – 34:35. Even if our names are blotted out from the books, due to sin, the blood of Yeshua can count us back in. But do you really want to do things that would test this? We skipped praise reports, then prophetically prayed for our Rabbi, before he delivered a powerful message on the Son of God. It does not matter if others claim to be the son of a god, only the Son of our God (YHVH) has unmatched power, and He has been around since the beginning of time. Yet there is a dual nature to the Son of God, on account of Him being born as a human, to Joseph and Mary. Lastly, He was raised under The Law of Moses, and went on to do great miracles, which we can do also… greater even!


16 February 2019. Be Holy and Learn Biblical Exegesis – JLD. It was energizing to declare “Gadol Elohai, shiru ki gadol Elohai”, which means how great is our God, sing with me how great is our God! If you have forgotten how great God is, try singing these words right now. Gary presented torah portion You Shall Command, Exodus 27:20 – 30:10. The priests were commanded to be set apart before ministering, and anyone who is a minister today, needs to similarly consecrate themselves before serving God’s people. And when you go to make an offering to God, check your heart, as well as motivation. Praise reports included miraculous stories of God fighting for us financially, and medically, then we prayed for emotional struggles. Rabbi Jonathan shared three recent prophecies he received, then he gave us tools to help properly exegete the Scriptures. Read the surrounding verses, study the culture and context, then compare it to the whole Bible’s strategy or message.


09 February 2019. Grafted In and Valentine’s Day – JLD. Come, come come. Let us worship God, with our hands held high. We will run, run, run, through Your gates, oh, God, with a shout of love! “Semi” Charismatic worship took on a whole new meaning at Messiah Echad this past weekend. Adam covered Terumah, Heave Offering, Exodus 25:1 – 27:19. God sees the inside as well as the outside, so it is important to guard our hearts. And in Messianic Judaism, prophetically, the two sticks of Judah (Jews) and Ephraim (grafted in Christians) are becoming one, in the Hand of God. Amen. We praised God for employment in due season, then prayed for medical healing, before Rabbi Jonathan talked to us about Valentines, through a practical and Biblical lens. Yes the holiday is in our rear-view mirror but it is still prudent to ask if believers, children, or even married couples should participate in the erotic love and history that surrounds Valentines.


02 February 2019. Eternal Laws and Jewish Christian Unity – JLD. During our first service in our new location at 505 West University 78626, we sang unto the Lord a new song. What a joy and celebration, from our new worship team, led by Dawit. James opened up the inaugural torah portion at our new spot, Mishpatim, Laws, Exodus 21:1 – 24:18. Whether or not you believe in the Torah, there are laws that govern our world, which even the devil must obey. And not one jot or tittle has by any means passed away from the Law. Praise reports included healing and miraculous pregnancies, then we prayed peace, before Rabbi Jonathan taught a message on what Messiah Echad is all about. We are independent because there is neither Jew nor Gentile; we are all one. The blood of Messiah (Christ) also grafts us into the commonwealth and blessings of Israel. And it has long since been time for Ephraim (Christians) and Judah (Jews) to come together I love.



26 January 2019. Organizational Structure and Big Picture– JLD. Although recording issues prevented the audio upload of Christopher amazing Torah Portion last week, where he spoke about the underwater land bridge in Nuweiba Egypt, we were able to upload his slides, along with those from Rabbi Jonathan speaking on atheist vs. theist beliefs. And the technology issues have been resolved! During praise and worship, we were reminded Yeshua makes darkness tremble, He silences fear, and His Name cannot be overcome. Jonathan Malthouse (from As I Ponder Blog), covered Jethro, Exodus 18:1 – 20:23. There was an organizational structure established in the days of Moses, and we are also called to obey our leaders, support them with sub-leaders, and draw closer to, not away from, God. Praise reports were in the financial, then we prayed for healing, before Rabbi Jonathan delivered his final message at our last location. It’s all about the bigger picture.


12 January 2019. Hard Hearts. Government Shutdowns – JLD. Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah, and He is the Anointed One to be the King. If you seek healing, salvation, or deliverance, invite Him to be the light of your life, the flame of your fire, and the wind in your wings. Michael covered his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Bo, Come, Exodus 10:1 – 13:16. In the later plagues we see how hard Pharaoh’s heart is, but you know, sometimes we are not much different. And this is why Passover was not a one time event; we need the yearly reminder of why we should follow God. We praised God for deliverance from suicide and addictions, then prayed for medical miracles, before Rabbi Jonathan showed how the Bible can solve the Government Shutdown. Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 78626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup.


05 January 2019. Waiting And Preparing The Bride – JLD. It is a treat when Michelle and Grace from Kol Echad (formerly Way Cool Angels) share their classical and opera style worship music. We included just the piano from their Aaronic Benediction; check out their album, to hear those angelic voices! Rabbi Jonathan taught on Va’era, Exodus 6:2 – 9:35. By His Name YHVH, God did not make Himself known… there is clearly power in names, and this is why some of us respectfully call God HaShem (The Name). Cry out, and when He delivers you, give Him all of the credit. Praise reports included financial blessings, and we prayed for healing, before Rabbi Raoul taught on Jews and Gentiles. When Messiah returns, will He be pleased with your Jew and Christian love and embrace? Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 78626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup.