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Pure, Consecrated, Brave Like Esther – JLD

Sorrows like sea billows will roll in our lives, but through the finished work of Messiah, we can find hope, and declare that it is well in our souls. And worthy is the Son of God, to receive our praise. You are awesome, and the Lord of Glory; we invite You to fill EVERY place in our lives. After some spirit led praise and worship, Brother Adam brought for the Torah Portion Tetzaveh, You Shall Command, Exodus 27:20 – 30:10. The section starts off talking about the olive oil for the menorah and finishes with the consecration of the priests for their service. God will dwell among the descendants of Israel, to which you should be part, and just as the olive oil should be pure and set apart, so should we. Praise reports and prayer requests were powerful, after which we excitedly read through the book of Esther. Purim Semeach! The slides are

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Contributions and Hearing From God – JLD.

When I walk through deep water, when I am standing in the fire; through the valley of the shadow, and in the midst of deep sorrow, I am not alone. God goes before me. Amazing praise and worship from Amanda and Alex. In the torah portion, Pastor Harry spoke on Terumah, Exodus 25:1 – 27:19, covering the contributions that were needed to build the temple. We studied the menorah, holy of holies, ark of the covenant, and correlated it all to the creation story. Then after praise reports of passed exams and help for veterans, we prayed for favor in the workplace. Finally, Rabbi Jonathan taught us how to discern if a voice or word is of God, or not from Him. (1) Does the word align with or go against Scripture? (2) Is the word benefiting your flesh, or the Spirit? (3) If the word does not help others, its ungodly and selfish. And the slides are

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Honoring Leaders. Pondering Valentines. – JLD

Hear this podcast and share this post! As we discussed personal matters and worked through staffing changes, we did not upload a recording 03 February, but our members can brief you on anything you missed. As for this week, Pastor Herb from Restoring God’s Family Church was prophetically led to cover Mishpatim, Laws, Exodus 21:1 – 24:18. As we consider our leaders, even if someone wicked is ruling, we must fight the urge to groan. God calls us to respect our authorities. Mandi gave a powerful 12 year anniversary praise report, and we prayed for favor, after which Rabbi Jonathan showed the biblical basis for (or against) Valentines Day. We are called to be sheep amongst wolves; light in a dark world. God has given us the ability to choose between good and evil… truly ask yourself if Valentines Day observances are of God, or the devil. And the slides are

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