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22 December 2018. Misfortune, Rejection, and Acceptance – JLD. Pull me a little closer God, and take me a little deeper. We want to know Your heart, because Your love is deeper than anything we have ever tasted. Andronicus covered torah portion Vayechi, He Lived, Genesis 47:28 – 50:26. In drawing back the humanistic curtain of Joseph, we see God has a panoramic view of what was, and is, and is to come, as well as how the non-native born can be grafted into the covenant. What powerful symbolism knowing Ephraim and Manasseh were adopted as Israelites or Jews. Praise reports included multiple returning members, and we prayed for healing, before Jonathan Malthouse (from As I Ponder Blog) delivered an excellent message on rejection and acceptance. Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 78626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup.


15 December 2018. Identity Crises and Ordaining Elders – JLD. So, a glitch prevented us from recording our service, and our website is intermittently down while we migrate servers (and update our SSL), but this too shall pass, and God is still on the throne! Gynell led us in soulful worship, declaring Yeshua’s presence being heaven to us. Brandon covered Vayigash, He Approached, Genesis 44:18 – 47:27. Like Joseph, sometimes we hide who we really are, but blessings come when we are upfront and honest. Praise reports included several vehicle miracles, and we prayed for financial blessings, before Rabbi Jonathan delivered a very intimate, housekeeping style message. Transition is biblical, and our members are empowered to do things like confirming and removing, elders and members. Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 78626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup.


08 December 2018. Antagonizer Joseph and Chanukah Prophecies – JLD. During some spirit filled praise and worship young Mya reminded us that who the Son sets free, oh is free indeed. Right now, boldly declare “I am a child of God; yes I am!” Rabbi Jonathan taught on Miketz, Genesis 41:1 – 44:17. At the end of two years in jail, falsely accused, Joseph was delivered to Pharaoh to interpret a dream. Joseph went on to become second in charge of Egypt, then antagonized his brothers… he was not perfect, and the world overly criticized those imperfections, but God used it to effect prophecy. We praised God for successful surgeries, and saved limbs, then prayed for provisions, before Garry delivered an excellent sermon on Chanukah. Lastly, on 02 February 2019, we will relaunch and move our 03pm Shabbat Services to 505 West University 788626. And in January, our new location will be open each Saturday 12-02pm, for prayer, planning, and setup. Exciting!


01 December 2018. Is Chanukah Or Christmas Biblical?- JLD. Although technical difficulties prevented the Torah Portion (Vayeshev, He Settled, Genesis 37:1 – 40:23) from making the audio recording, Harry did an excellent job catching us up on Jacob. Marty Goetz graced us with his signature Chanukah song during prayer time, reminding us to walk as children of the light, during this feast of dedication, festival of lights. Mel shared some thoughts on having an eternal perspective, with your finances, trusts, and wills. Remember, you are never too young, or old, to meet with a licensed attorney to generate a will, durable power of attorney, and an advanced directive regarding your healthcare. Feel free to call or email Messiah Echad, for more information. Then as for Chanukah… did you know Jesus Christ observed it? And if He did, we too can enjoy donuts, dreidels, gelt, and menorahs, while passing on santa, christmas trees, and coveting presents. Let this season be about what the Bible says.


24 November 2018. Vayishlach, Wrestling, and Cultural Intelligence – JLD. All I need is You Lord. Help me leave my fear by the side of the road, hear You speak, and fall to my knees in prayer. A cappella style, we enjoyed focusing on the One who holds the universe, and everyone on earth. James delivered his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Vayishlach, He Sent, Genesis 32:3 – 36:43. Jacob fearfully split his camp when Esau came to meet him, and then Jacob wrestled with God, before receiving a blessing that changed his name to Israel. We also read about Dinah, and Rachel, who despite her shortcomings, was used by God. Praise reports included anonymous tithes and gifted dresses, then we prayed for wisdom, before Rabbi Jonathan taught a practical sermon on Strength Finders, and Cultural Intelligence(CQ). Please take the time to purchase the book, learn about yourself, and grow your CQ from level one to level four. Doing this will increase our reach, and witness, to the community.


17 November 2018. Crossroads and Big Announcement – JLD. You no longer have to be a slave to fear. You are a child of God and if you need help feeling His love, or surrounding yourself in His Arms, come praise and worship with us. Jonathan Malthouse (from As I Ponder Blog) did his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Vayetze, He Went Out, Genesis 28:10 – 32:2. We outlined the differences between good shepherds, and lazy ones, then talked about taking caution before having relations or getting married. Also, be mindful not to become stuck in life, as Jacob did, at a place or doing something God did not instruct you. Praise reports included cleared debts, new members and healings, then we prayed for much the same, after which Rabbi Jonathan delivered his History of Messiah Echad and State of The Congregation Address. We beat 96% failure odds in our first five years, and a 4 year burnout time for the senior leader thanks to God. Yet, this sermon contains our biggest announcement ever. Please listen, and then pray.


10 November 2018. Stolen Blessings and Praying For Leaders – JLD. During praise and worship, we proclaimed that You (Yehsua) are bigger than any battle we face. You are better than anything we chase. You are the King of our hearts. Gary Reedy came up to deliver the torah portion, Toldot, Family History, Genesis 25:19 – 28:9. Isaac entreated God to have a son, and He gave Isaac two. Esau was the hairy firstborn and Jacob came out second, holding his brother’s heel. Birthrights were sold, wives were called sisters, and kings saw how much God blesses His people! Wow… who needs soap operas when you have the Bible. We praised God for veterans, and prayed for cysts, before Brandon came up to teach on the importance of praying for our leaders. We must set aside time to intercede; to stand in the gap and implore God to uplift all the leaders in our faith circles. From the small group leader to the senior pastor, pray for those who serve, and do it now.


03 November 2018. Torah Portion Quiz and Knowing Our Place – JLD. We are His portion and He is our prize. I am drawn to the redemption by the grace in God’s eyes, because He loves me. Rabbi Jonathan asked seven questions from Vayera, He Appeared, Genesis 18:1 – 22:24. Let us know if you answered them all correctly, which included questions on if grace began in the Old Testament, and if God loves or blesses Muslims. Brother Gary came up for praise report and prayer requests, which included family members accepting Yeshua and prayers for health, then Rabbi Jonathan addressed the Rabbi Loren Jacobs controversy. Despite the broader Jewish community being offended, we assert that Messianic Judaism is not fake, offensive by design, or second rate. We check everything biblically, know our “place” is as children of God, and we are prayed up. So to the NBC News Articles and, here is Rabbi Jonathan’s response.


27 October 2018. Heaven, Halloween, and Trunk or Treat – JLD. You are worthy to receive our praise. You are the Son of God. Come and fill this place Yeshua (Jesus), and be present in our lives. After dynamic praise and worship, Watchman Alexander spoke on Chayei Sarah, Sarah’s Life, Genesis 23:1 – 25:18. Abraham gathered to his people after he died, and this portion gives insight into where we go when we die. Contrary to popular belief, sinners do not go to “hell” directly, rather everyone descends to Hades for a time, though believers hang out in a protected area, till Messiah comes. And this is how we know the dead are not in heaven; when Christ comes, they will rise first, from hades. Praise reports included offices that did not flood, and we prayed for shoulder replacement surgery, then Rabbi Jonathan talked about whether or not believers should participate in Halloween, to include Church “alternatives”. It is time to take a stand for the Word.


20 October 2018. Go Forth, Traditions, and Commandments – JLD. Spirit burn… burn right through. We want to glorify Your name and let Your kingdom rule over our hearts. Deep reflection before Brandon summarized Lech Lecha, Go Forth, Genesis 12:1 – 17:27. Chapter 12 discusses Abraham being called, while 13 talks about Abraham and Lot. Tithes are given and God makes a covenant, then we meet Sarah and Haggar. The covenant of circumcision rounds out this portion but the big question is; “why are we here”? We are here to go forth and seek God’s will, when called. After praising God for new members, and praying for health, we welcomed Rabbi Jonathan back from Israel. Hearing Rabbi share his life with us is a treat, and his pictures make him relatable. The message was on the third part of our mission and vision… showing people how to love Messiah (John 14:15). May we keep the commandments, be cultural aware, not idolize our traditions, strengthen our testimony, and unite!


13 October 2018. Righteousness, Salvation, and The Exodus – JLD. Yeshua (Jesus), You make the darkness tremble. You silence fear. Your Name is a light that the shadows can’t deny, and Your Name cannot be overcome. Amazing praise and worship, after which Gary brought forth his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Noah, Genesis 6:9 – 11:32. The sons of God began to marry the daughters of men, and Nephilim (giants) walked the earth. Evil was so rampant, God felt it necessary to destroy all flesh, save Noah and his family. Then after the waters receded, Noah made a sweet smelling offering to God. Praise reports included passed basketball official tests, and we prayed for family, before Watchman Alexander came up to teach. Did you know there are parallels between salvation, and the exodus story? Watchman outlined the process of (1) election, (2) repentance, (3) word sent by God, (4) signs, (5) salvation, (6) baptism, (7) rejoicing in song, (8) spiritual sustenance, (9) charismatic outpouring, (10) instructions given, (11) covenant, (12) set apart lifestyle, (13) completion, (14) celebration, and (15) heaven.

06 October 2018. In The Beginning and Job Like Trials – JLD. With arms lifted to the heavens, we praised You forever Lord, because You are Adonai. In our congregation, Yeshua (Jesus) is truly the joy of life, and we enjoy singing Kadosh Ata. Adam began with Bereshit, Genesis 1:1 – 6:8. God is light, and He spoke it into existence in the beginning, along with the Torah or Word. The creation account provides many great insights, but a particular focus this year was avoiding pride and self-righteousness. Do not allow pride to entice you with fruit from modern trees of the knowledge of good and evil, rather seek fruit from the Tree of Life. Praise reports included sold homes, and we prayed for families, as well as health, before Rabbi Jonathan spoke on the Story of Job. This message will help you determine if you are receiving a Job-like Trial, act of randomness, or the effect of your life choices. We pray this message educated you.


29 September 2018. Trust Funds and Biblical Stewardship – JLD. This Shabbat, we sang Holy, is the Lord of glory. It was also our honor to lift our voice, and sing, to You, our King. From the Torah, Rabbi Jonathan covered Vezot Habracha, This Is The Blessing, Deuteronomy 33:1 – 34:12. Each tribe, and their lineage, was given a blessing… have you cashed in on yours? Have you researched the tribe(s) you are from? Our Rabbi learned he might hail from Gad, meaning his blessings will come indirectly when people bless him. And Israel, to include the boundaries outlined in Scripture, was made by God to man… let us support Israel! Blessings were for abated rains, and we prayed against cancer, before welcoming our guest Jeremy Dawson, from Thrivent Financial. If you follow the simple Biblical directions that are outlined, you will reach the desired end in your life. Align your values and finances. Model Biblical stewardship to your children. Start a budget.


22 September 2018. Torah and Why Celebrate Sukkot – JLD. During praise and worship, we proclaimed that we belong to God. All that we are, we place into His loving hands. Here we are, we stand, with arms wide open, to the One, the Son, the Everlasting God. Amen. We also heard a prophetic word, before Rebbetzin Melinda delivered Ha’azinu, Listen, Deuteronomy 32:1 – 32:52. Moses’ Song reminded us to respect God by listening to His Laws. And instead of just missing God’s face or favor, we need to actively seek it, by doing His will. Praise reports included the right words to speak, and we prayed for healings, after which Rabbi Jonathan revealed a personal word he received from God. Finally, the message was on why we should observe Sukkot. By obeying Leviticus 23:34-43, we are given perspective and appreciation for modern comforts. Sukkot allows us to rest, and God multiplies fellowships that convene together in unity. Many great reasons; we pray you observed and enjoyed Sukkot.


09 September 2018. High Holy Days 2018 at Messiah Echad – JLD. As we wrapped up our fifth cycle of holy days, and successful year as a church plant, Rabbi Jonathan was honored to kick off with a beautiful Tashlich Service, in observance of Rosh Hashanah. During the head of the year, festival of trumpets, we began 10 Days of Awe or reflecting. Sounds of the shofar celebrate our return to God, and we symbolically casted our sins into a river. Thank you God for removing our sins to the depths of the sea. On Shabbat Shavuh, Chris covered Vayelech, He Went, Deuteronomy 31:1-30. As Moses neared the end of his life, he reminded Israel to be courageous, then he read the Torah. After praise reports for saved babies, and prayer for our fathers, Rabbi Jonathan implored everyone to t’shuva, turn away from sin. Will you walk upright in the Word, or stumble by it? Finally, on Yom Kippur, we made al chet confessions, then presented ourselves in a worthy (repentant) manner to God.


08 September 2018. Follow God and Unblock Your Blessings – JLD. Always a pleasure when young Mya leads us in worship… when I’m standing in the fire, I will not be overcome. Even through the valley of the shadow, I will not fear, because I am not alone. From the Torah, Brandon covered Nitzavim, Standing, Deuteronomy 29:9 – 30:20. The commandments are not mandatory, rather an invitation to receive the blessings from obedience, or the curses from disobedience. And in the end, blessed are those who see, because many have longed to do so, but can not. Praise reports included miraculously healed backs, and we prayed for continued health victories, after which Rabbi Jonathan came up to teach. There are things we do that block our prayers from reaching God, or block His from Him reaching us… a big one is works of the flesh. Idolatry, being unequally yoked with unbelievers, and unforgiveness can also keep us from receiving blessings… turn away from these things.


01 September 2018. Blessings, Curses, and Loving Neighbors – JLD. As we finish uploading the backlogged audio recordings, it was good to sing about the Great I Am. Lord, I want to be near; near to Your heart…  loving the world and hating the dark. Help our dry bones live again, enabling us to worship as one body in Messiah. Rabbi Jonathan covered Parsha Ki Tavo, When you come in, Deuteronomy 26:1 – 29:8. All scripture, to include the Torah, is God breathed and profitable to our lives. Specifically in this section, we see Israel respond with “amen” to curses, if they disobey scripture… would you be brave enough to do that? We get blessings when we obey the Word, and curses when we do not. Choose you this day. Praised reports included healed backs, and we prayed for heart surgery, before Rabbi Jonathan was up to teach again. We know the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor… who is our neighbor? What does love look like? And do you pour out your love? Great message, and the slides are ZZZZ.


25 August 2018. Behave Biblically and Travel The World – JLD. Catching up on recordings that were delayed, this service is sure to impact you positively! Will you praise God when your strength is lost? What about when the fight seems lost? If you praise Him in the despair, and when your life is nearing its final days, He will bless you beyond measure. Our Rebbetzin covered Ki Tetze, When You Go Forth, Deuteronomy 21:10 – 25:19. When we go out amongst people, there is a way we are commanded to behave. If you find something that belongs to your neighbor, you must care for it till your neighbor arrives. And despite what we think about progressive ideals, God has thoughts about men wearing women’s clothes. Praise reports were numerous, and we recited the mourners kaddish, after which Rabbi Jonathan talked about his travels, and the High Holy Days. Whether a “gentile” (Christian) who is blessed to provoke the native born (Jews) to jealousy, or an invited neighbor, make sure to observe the feasts!


18 August 2018. Judicial Systems and Power of Words – JLD. Although technical difficulties prevented this audio recording from being uploaded sooner, the worship and teachings contained is timely, as well as beautiful. There is truly nothing worth more, that will ever come close… no thing can compare; you are our living hope. May we continue to enter your presence Lord. Adam spoke passionately about Torah Portion Shoftim, Judges, Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9. We were commanded to establish a judicial system, and not show partiality, lest evils and injustices prevail. God told us to hold all leaders to a higher standard… we are not doing it, and are receiving the curse. Praise reports were for vehicle repairs, and we prayed for mental health, before Chris came up to deliver an excellent sermon on the power of words. Your words can be forgiven, never forgotten. And as believers, be set apart by returning hate speech with love. The slides are ZZZZ, the High Holy Day Pamphlet is too, and stay tuned for the Event Schedule.


11 August 2018. Free Will, Missions, and Visions – JLD. At the sound, of Your great Name, the lost are saved, the condemned feel no shame, and the enemy, has to leave. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us; You are high and lifted up! Brandon brought forth Torah Portion Re’eh, See or Behold, Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17. I (God) is setting before you a blessing and a curse; a blessing if you obey the commandments, and a curse if you disobey. And please do not use your free will choice to do whatever you want. Technical difficulties prevented the praise reports and prayers from making the recording, but they included natural springs in our backyards and prayer against suicide. Then Rabbi Jonathan delivered a passionate teaching on the Mission and Vision of Messiah Echad. We exist to serve Christian, Jewish, and Non-Religious Believers, by showing them how to love God, their neighbor, and Messiah, around the world. The slides are uploaded and make sure to check out Susan Heagy at, if you can.


04 August 2018. Because We Obey God and His Word – JLD. You alone are worthy; we lift our voice, and sing, to You, our King. We also pray for the day when the glory of the Lord, will fill every place we inhabit. As we welcomed Rabbi Jonathan back from the BX3 Ride in New York, we dug into Ekev, Because, Deuteronomy 7:12 – 11:25. Because we listen to the rules and keep the commandments, God loves us, blesses us, multiplies us, and even drives away hornets! Just never forget it is God who provides the blessings, and can take them away. Lastly, God requires Israel, both native Jews and grafted in Christians, to love God and keep His commandments. Are you doing both? Praise reports included savings lives, and we prayed for medical miracles, before Rabbi Jonathan came back to deliver a powerful sermon. In every decision, seek to acknowledge God and do His will. Finally, no matter how blissful things are, expect tribulation in this broken world.


28 July 2018. Teach Your Children, Budgeting, and Investing – JLD. Lord, take me past the outer courts, to the holy place. I want to see Your Face in the Holy of Holies, which I can enter, by the blood of the Lamb. And may we have more love, more power, more of You, in our lives. From the torah, Adam covered Va’etchanan, I pleaded, Deuteronomy 3:23 – 7:11. Israel questioned Moses and God, but they were reminded no other nation heard the voice of God, as they had. Israel was also reminded of the Ten Commandments, just as we need to be, today. Praise reports included birth to great grandchildren and nieces giving their lives to God, then we prayed for our homes, and favor. Lastly, Mel delivered an excellent message on tithing, budgeting, and investing. If you want your marriage to flourish, debt to decrease, and life to improve, listen to this sermon! The slides are XYZ. And though Rabbi Jonathan was out, you can catch the two minute video of his ride at


21 July 2018. Devarim, Words, and Shabbat Observance – JLD. Brother Chris did an excellent job opening up Devarim or Words, Deuteronomy 1:1 – 3:22. There is a lot of summarizing and retelling in this book, but one point that should not be missed is the power of our words. When we murmur or complain against God, we do not invoke the blessings. Then when you find yourself in a wilderness of sorts, know that God is with you, and will provide for the meek. And when you come up against an enemy or giant obstacle, remember it is the Lord your God who fights for you. Tristen (age 5) forwarded a praise report of found swimming googles, and we prayed for PTSD struggles, then Rabbi Jonathan taught about Shabbat observance. The message kicked of by discussing the Love Georgetown Event (, which just so happens to be on a Saturday. What qualifies as work, and what are we prohibited from doing, on the Seventh Day? Listen and learn.


14 July 2018. Wandering, Membership, and Calling Men Rabbi – JLD. Fill me Lord. I lift Your name above all names. Your blood frees me and for that, You are great, and greatly to be praised. Who is like You Adonai. Powerful praise and worship led by Alex and Amanda, after which our Rebbetzin (Melinda) covered Mattot and Massei, Numbers 30:2 – 36:13. Laziness and disbelief caused the Children of Israel to wander the desert for 40 years before reaching the promised land, but at least they made it. Praise reports included houses sold, and we prayed for strength as we serve the community in the heat. Then Rabbi Jonathan preached a message about the book Fraudulent Authority by Wade Burleson, where its stated church or synagogue membership is bad. The Holy Spirit sets ministers to oversee and protect churches; we need that safety? And as long as the tenants of membership are biblical, all is good. Lastly, Yeshua did not preach against the tithe, or calling men Rabbi. Read the entire section(s).


07 July 2018. Leadership, Suicide, and Questioning God – JLD. Lefaneicha Ani mishtachaveh al birkai, I worship before You Lord, I’m down on my knees. Kadosh, Holy, You are Yeshua. Brother Brandon summarized Pinchas, from Numbers 25:10 – 30:1. The focus was on Moses not pouting when he learned he would not lead Israel into the promised land, rather Moses worked to ensure the leader that would go, was ready. Moses modeled true leadership with his patience, compassion, and care. Praise included 35 new graduates in the Austin Disaster Relief Network, and we prayed for the 13 people trapped in cave, who God delivered by the time this blog post went up! Then Rabbi Jonathan delivered a deeply personal message that tackled the difficult issue of how can and why does an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God allow bad things like suicide, to happen. Enjoy and share this recording, and remember to hear Reuven Prager talk about restoring ancient Israelite customs, July 15th at 04pm.


30 June 2018. Pray for Unity of Believers This July 4th – JLD. It was such a pleasure to sing “barchu et Adonai hamvorach l’olam vaed” which means “blessed is the Lord who is blessed forever and ever.” The question is if you want your life to similarly be blessed and if so, will your lifestyle show it. In the Torah, Watchman Alex provided insights into Balak, Numbers 22:2 – 25:9. Instead of diplomacy, Balak reacted in anti-Semitic fashion to the children of Israel, and commissioned Balaam to curse Israel. But God uses our enemies to bless us, because God is not compelled by what we do, rather our motives. We praised God for successful surgeries, and new jobs, after which we prayed for safety. Then Rabbi Jonathan spoke about our sixth statement of faith at Messiah Echad. As God is one (Echad) so should be His Children, both Jew and Christian, who are valued and loved equally. We seek to reach all people at Messiah Echad, to worship in loving unity.


23 June 2018. Complicit Hearts, Complaining, and Debating – JLD. Lead me to the cross, where Your love poured out. Bring me to my knees; Lord I lay me down. Rid me of myself because I belong to You. Lead me God; I humbly submit to Your empowering will. In the Torah portion, Brother Brandon covered Chukat, Statute, Numbers 19:1 – 22:1. There were many parallels here with Yeshua being a red heifer, and we also see Moses lose his cool. Yet Aaron was punished for Moses’ sin, because Aaron did not speak against it. Also, try not to complain like Israel did, incessantly. Praise reports included blessings for attending Messiah Echad, and we prayed for our projects, then Rabbi Jonathan delivered a passionate message connecting the “Prove God Story” from 1 Kings 18:20-39, to a “Does God Answer Prayer” debate Which person are you from the story? Will you be the one who speaks out against sin?


16 June 2018. Bible Leadership and Attack on Masculinity – JLD. Thank you Gynell for assembling a worship team, and leading the congregation in worship. The Spirit burned and moved this weekend; it is an hnor to bear His name, and be His vessels. Brother Christopher covered Korach, Numbers 16:1 – 18:32. There was a showdown in the wilderness; Korah, Abiram, and Dathan challenged Moses’ leadership. An earthquake killed Korah and his followers. Do not be like Korah, and rebel or speak against your leaders. Praise reports were for answered prayers, and we lifted up healing needs. Then instead of a Father’s Day Message, Rabbi Jonathan spoke directly, passionately, about the attack on men and masculinity. The lack of respect for fathers, bosses, leaders, and God needs to be addressed. Take responsibility for your life. Realize things in this life are fragile. Assign blame to the root cause(s). Finally, the video of Rabbi Jonathan debating “Does God Answer Prayer”, has been uploaded.


09 June 2018. Exploring The Land and Hebrew Eyes – JLD. Whilst Rabbi Jonathan was in Chicago serving veterans as a Chaplain, and meeting people at Evanston Subaru (watch his vlog, Amanda led an amazing Messianic Jewish rendition of Tremble. We believe in one God (Adonai Echad), and as we say His Name, may any darkness in our lives tremble! Our Shabbat School Coordinator, Paula, presented Shlach, Send To You, Numbers 13:1 – 15:41. Moses sent spies into the land flowing with milk and honey, yet most were fearful of taking what God had promised. How quickly we forget what God has done, and the leaders He appointed. We prayed for protection and healing, praised God for a proposal, then listened as Brother Adam delivered a timely sermon on having a Hebrew, Biblical, and non-Western perspective. Make sure to listen intently, and share with your friends.


02 June 2018. Way Cool Angels and Light of Messiah Echad- JLD. May His light ever burn within us, as a consuming fire that never gets put out. When we allow God to burn deep inside, overtake our hearts, and fuel our passions once again, we connect with a power that can transform lives. In the Torah, Michael summarized Beha’alotcha, When You Set Up, Numbers 8:1 – 12:15. As we kindle the candles in the temple, or serve as evangelical lights, the orientation should be outward facing, towards the community. And if you want to be responsible for leading or lighting the menorah, you must first prove you can follow. Finally, we should remember that complaining is more than unbecoming; grumbling against one’s leaders, or God, puts you squarely on the path to destruction. Do not complain; pray for people, and lift them up. Finally, mazel tov to Davina, for being recognized as a daughter of the covenant.


26 May 2018. Avoid Gossip and Losing Salvation – JLD. In the great unknown, where feet may fail, I will call upon Your Name. Your Grace abounds in the deepest of waters, and Your Hands are my guide. Davina did an amazing job in worship, after which Brandon summarized one of the longest portions of Torah. Nasso, Take Up, from Numbers 4:21 – 7:89, was about gossip, and what results from it. If you have an accusation, test it, then follow Mathew 18:15 if there is a problem, or drop it if there is not. Do not talk about it with others; that is gossip. Praise reports included mountains being removed and people finding our fellowship, which we should not take for granted. We prayed for healing and peace, then Rabbi Jonathan spoke on our fifth statement of faith; being born again through Yeshua (Salvation), and manifesting that new life by following His Commandments (Sanctification). Listen to find out which commands, and why we should follow them.


19 May 2018. Closeness To God and Acts 2 Revival – JLD. Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain, or control. I want more of you God. There is no place I would rather be, than here in Your love. In the Torah, Watchman Alexander opened Bamidbar, In The Wilderness, Numbers 1:1 – 4:20. Like the separation we see in royal weddings, between the privileged and commoners, God only allows certain people to get close to Him. And with increased closeness to God and His Power, comes an increased level accountably. Next, we praised God for vehicles and safety, after which we prayed for discernment. Finally, Rabbi Jonathan delivered his Shavuot (Pentecost) Sermon. Fifty days after the exodus, Israel received the Ten Commandments, and when Jewish believers observed Shavuot in the first century, they received the Holy Spirit. We get blessed when we obey. Now with that Gift, make sure you manifest the Fruits.


12 May 2018. Old Testament Relevance and Mother’s Day – JLD. It was so refreshing to declare that my help comes from You. God is right here pulling me through, carrying me on His shoulders. Brandon brought forth Behar and Bechukotai, On The Mountain and In My Statues, from Leviticus 25:1 – 27:34. A connection was made to the kindness and severity of God, from Romans 11:22, which proves that the blessings and curses of Leviticus 26:3-14 never ended. We need to continue studying the Word, listening to the precepts, and following them (i.e. tithing) lest God walk contrary to us. Praise report were free wine dinners, and we prayed for healing, after with Rabbi Jonathan delivered a passionate Mother’s Day sermon. Despite feminism asserting women can rule men, let us embrace the viewpoint of our creator, while honoring mothers, motherhood, maternal influence, and mother’s influences in society, biblically.

05 May 2018. Appointed Times and Status Check – JLD. On Cinco De Mayo, our Shabbat Service was especially fun and celebratory, but not because the Mexican Army defeated France in 1862. Watchman Alexander summarized Emor, Say, Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23, which spoke about what it means to be holy. Next, we covered the Appointed Times or Feasts of the Lord, and we encouraged all generations to observe them. Praise reports included favor at work, and we prayed for our online audience, before Rabbi Jonathan asked if we are fallen, walking, running, or soaring. The bible says even young men will grow weary and fall, so it is important to be honest about how we are doing. If you are fallen, don’t turn to others to save you; that’s God’s job. If you are walking, be content. If you are running, run your heart out and if you are soaring, don’t look down on people. Help people.


28 April 2018. Priesthood and The Vine. As Rabbi Jonathan cycled with veterans in the Northeast, and a few technical difficulties arose during services, this recording came out a bit faint, but the insights will speak loudly into your life. Pastor Harry covered Emor, Say, Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23. Despite our desire as ministers to be relatable and relevant, we must remain Holy, because God is Holy. Also, and especially in this modern world, do we spend the same energy on secular holidays, as we do God’s Holy Days? Hmm. After praise reports of vehicles, and prayers for surgeries, we were blessed to hear from our guest, Reverend Kurt Hein. The exegesis was from John 15:1-8, where we read about the Vine and the branches. Right before being betrayed, Yeshua invited us to abide with Him, and be fruitful. God wants to give life; do not run from Him. Abide, and pray.


21 April 2018. Holiness and Greater Works – JLD. Brother Chris did an excellent job with his double torah portion, After The Death and Holy Ones,  Leviticus 16:1-20:27. There are many parallels in this section with the New Testament. One goat was sacrificed while another carried away our sins into the wilderness; Yeshua (Jesus) justifies us with His blood, and then takes away our sins. Further, we are called to be holy, and must be careful to avoid such things as lying or perverting justice, which defile our bodies. Praise reports included new jobs and fellowship, after which we prayed for medical healings. In the sermon, Rabbi Jonathan connected his 400 mile bicycle journey to the meaning of being a “Christian” or “Messianic Jew”. Do we do greater works that Jesus? Have you openly shared (confessed )your sins? Will you discard the past, and embrace life’s mistakes, as you go into the future. Lots to learn; Shabbat Shalom,


14 April 2018. Torah and Our Modern World – JLD. It was refreshing to sing about our Savior who is seated above, enthroned in the Father’s love. It was also good being reminded that we will overcome, by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony. Brother Brandon did an amazing job with his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Tazria and Metzora, from Leviticus 12:1 – 15:33. When, not if, a woman conceives, there is a purification process mother and child undergo to bring about holiness. And some illnesses, such as leprosy, are the physical counterparts to the spiritual problem of sin. Praise reports included tuition being covered, and we prayed for healing, after which Rabbi asked if our world (modern society) teaches us to follow the commandments of God. When it comes to design and function, not so much. Ownership and responsibility is not much better. How about issues and feedback?


07 April 2018. Kosher Animals and Holy Spirit – JLD. Because He lives, I am alive. I can face tomorrow, and every fear is gone. Amen. Amen. Let us shout Amen! In the torah portion, Brother Chris covered Parsha Shemini, Eighth Day, Leviticus 9:1 – 11:47. We discussed many of the offerings, then continued on with celebrations, after which Nadab and Abihu made profane fire to Adonai (The Lord). Even with good intentions, if you do things your way, not Yah’s (God’s), things might not end well. Praise reports included surprise $1200 checks, and medical miracles, after which we prayed for emotional healing. Lastly, Rabbi Jonathan talked about the holy spirit ceasing to live inside man (Genesis), then being revived (Acts), yet people do not follow the holy spirit’s guidance (God’s Laws). Meditate on the Word. Embrace accountable. Keep your mind sober.


31 March 2018. Fifth Annual Passover Seder – JLD. With visitors who drove more than five hours to attend, and members that have been in the faith over five decades, Messiah Echad was blessed to enter our fifth year observing God’s Feasts and Festivals. Our order of service began by mentioning the unblemished lamb from Exodus 12:5, which became Yeshua (Jesus) later in the Bible. The second Passover theme is removal of leaven from our homes but also pride, puffiness, or sin from our lives. The third theme is when a non-Jewish visitor or stranger wants observe the Passover, God commands us to permit them. Passover is a witness, a testimony to the community, and proof that God answers prayer. Lastly, we observed communion with bread and wine, then anticipated Elijah’s coming. Chag Semach, Happy Passover, and may your Feast of Unleavened Bread be easy.


24 March 2018. The Applicability and Power Of God – JLD. Are you ready to no longer be a slave to fear? If you claim to be a Child of God, the arms of the Father will free you, liberate you, and surround you. And if you claim your sonship rights, every chain by which the world holds you, will be broken. There is power in the name of Yeshua (Jesus). After praise and worship that brought everyone to tears, Rabbi Jonathan summarized Tzav, Command, Leviticus 6:1 – 8:36. How is this parsha profitable for doctrine, reproof, and correction? Return things better than you received them, seize the day, and exercise patience! In the praise reports, Mark was miraculously healed of stage four cancer (yes really!), and we prayed against curses, after which Brother Adam gave a testimony that defines hate, but also highlighted the power of love and forgiveness. The slides are . See you for Passover!


17 March 2018. Sacrifices and Loving The Bully – JLD. Oh how sweet is the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I was once lost but now am found; I was blind but now I see, so clearly! Hallelujah for the grace that falls down like rain on those who believe. And despite what occurs in life, trial or tribulation, may we remember there is no fear in love. Brother Chris opened Vayikra, And He Called, Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26. The Burnt, Grain, Peace, Sin, and Guilt Offerings satisfied the payment required in the Korban Principle  (Sin, Confession, Sacrifice, Redemption), and Yeshua (Jesus) satisfies it now. After praise reports and prayer requests, Rabbi Jonathan spoke about his bike ride (his videos are here), then presented three ways society can love and reform potential murderers. Bring God back into our schools, be kind, and be honest. The referenced editorial is linked and the slides are


03 March 2018. Golden Calf vs. Son of God – JLD. Yeshua El Yakar. Seh tamim, v’atuf hadar. Peh Echad, korim lecha Immanu’el Baruch Haba. Yeshua, with one voice we cry out to you, and bid you a speedy return. After praise and worship, Rebbetzin Melinda talked to the children about Parsha Ki Tisa, when you take. In Exodus 30:11 – 34:35, we see the Israelites become fearful of Moses being delayed on Mount Sinai, but is fear ever an excuse to make our own gods? Thankfully Moses was able to successfully plead for mercy, which was granted to the Israelites. Praise reports included a sizeable donation, and we prayed for places to live, after which Rabbi Jonathan spoke about our second statement of faith, belief in Jesus Christ. As Jesus was the Son of God, there is a deity aspect to Him, but Jesus was also the son of Joseph, a man. Lastly, Jesus (Yeshua) was raised Jewish.


24 February 2018. Pure, Consecrated, and Brave Like Esther – JLD. Sorrows like sea billows will roll in our lives, but through the finished work of Messiah, we can find hope, and declare that it is well in our souls. And worthy is the Son of God, to receive our praise. You are awesome, and the Lord of Glory; we invite You to fill EVERY place in our lives. After some spirit led praise and worship, Brother Adam brought for the Torah Portion Tetzaveh, You Shall Command, Exodus 27:20 – 30:10. The section starts off talking about the olive oil for the menorah and finishes with the consecration of the priests for their service. God will dwell among the descendants of Israel, to which you should be part, and just as the olive oil should be pure and set apart, so should we. Praise reports and prayer requests were powerful, after which we excitedly read through the book of Esther. Purim Semeach!


17 February 2018. Contributions and Hearing From God – JLD. When I walk through deep water, when I am standing in the fire; through the valley of the shadow, and in the midst of deep sorrow, I am not alone. God goes before me. Amazing praise and worship from Amanda and Alex. In the torah portion, Pastor Harry spoke on Terumah, Exodus 25:1 – 27:19, covering the contributions that were needed to build the temple. We studied the menorah, holy of holies, ark of the covenant, and correlated it all to the creation story. Then after praise reports of passed exams and help for veterans, we prayed for favor in the workplace. Finally, Rabbi Jonathan taught us how to discern if a voice or word is of God, or not from Him. (1) Does the word align with or go against Scripture? (2) Is the word benefiting your flesh, or the Spirit? (3) If the word does not help others, its ungodly and selfish.


10 February 2018. Honoring Leaders. Pondering Valentines. – JLD. Hear this podcast and share this post! As we discussed personal matters and worked through staffing changes, we did not upload a recording 03 February, but our members can brief you anything you missed. As for this week, Pastor Herb from Restoring God’s Family Church was prophetically led to cover Mishpatim, Laws, Exodus 21:1 – 24:18. As we consider our leaders, even if someone wicked is ruling, we must fight the urge to groan. God calls us to respect our authorities. Mandi gave a powerful 12 year anniversary praise report, and we prayed for favor, after which Rabbi Jonathan showed the biblical basis for (or against) Valentines Day. We are called to be sheep amongst wolves; light in a dark world. God has given us the ability to choose between good and evil… truly ask yourself if Valentines Day observances are of God, or the devil.


27 January 2018. Prophecies Against Division in Our Church – JLD. You’re the one who conquers giants, and calls out kings. You are the One Messiah, and You are I Am. We are so blessed to know the veil is torn, and know we live, with Your spirit inside. After praise and worship, Pastor Harry summarized Beshalach, And he sent, Exodus 13:17 – 17:16. God led the Israelites through the Red Sea, then provided manna, quail, and water, but complaints against Moses ensued. Next, we gave praise to God for fixed laptops, and prayed for osteoarthritis, after which Rabbi Jonathan talked about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We should use the gifts in a uniform, not chaotic, fashion, for the common good. Rabbi also shared prophecies he recently received; people have stabbed him in the back yet his roots (not others’) are in the living water, and God anointed our Rabbi. Amen!


20 January 2018. God Is One, and Defeats All Others – JLD. Stir in me a love that’s deep. A love that’s wide, and sweet. As my heart burns dim, or me feet fail, call my name God. There is no fear I have in my love for You. I just want to stay close to you. After powerful, prophetic praise and worship, Brother Adam explained the ten plagues, and taught about how in each one, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob defeated several of the Egyptian deities. Prayer included our friends learning about torah, and prayer was for literacy, after which Rabbi Jonathan covered our first statement of faith. We discussed if Trinity is the most biblical description of God, and if we all worship the same God. The God we worship is a giving Father who we should love, He is a righteous judge that will weigh our lives, and God dwells in us. For some people, we are close to God as they will ever get.


13 January 2018. YHVH (God) Will Deliver His People – JLD. When the sun comes up, it’s time to sing Your song again. You are rich in love, and Your heart is kind; there are ten thousand reasons to worship God Almighty. After praise and worship, Rabbi Jonathan taught from Va’era, I appeared, Exodus 6:2 – 9:35. Not by the name God Almighty but YHVH, God established a covenant with the descendants of Israel. When enslavement and oppression happens, God always hears the groanings of those in covenant with Him. Yet the most powerful reality is knowing God will redeem us with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgement. Lastly, God did not make Pharaoh hate the Israelites… Pharaoh already despised them. Then after praise reports of bible reading and prayer for chronic illness, Pastor Duane preached about David, a man after God’s own heart.


06 January 2018. Going Out and Building Community – JLD. As I come into Your presence, past the gates of praise and into Your Sanctuary, I realize that You are awesome in this place, Mighty God. Pastor Harry kicked of 2018 with Parsha Shemot, Names, Exodus 1:1 – 6:1. A new Pharaoh in Egypt did not know Joseph, and oppressed the Israelites, but God had a plan to bless and deliver His people. Moses would be born, raised as royalty, then commissioned to deliver the Children of Israel. After praise reports of healings, and prayer for family in the hospital, Rabbi Jonathan talked about his radio appearance on KRGN 98.5FM, then dove into how we can build Community at Messiah Echad. Learn to love and respect those who worship differently. Do not force your knowledge on people who do not ask. And compete against yourself, not others in Church.