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Plagues and Gangster God – JLD

Though the battle rages on, we will stand in the fight. Though the armies rise against us on all sides; we will not be shaken, because our God is for us. Amen. In the torah portion, our Rebbetzin, Melinda, taught Va’eira, And I appeared, Exodus 6:2 – 9:35, to the children. Our Shabbat School program has not yet covered Moses, but they excitedly learned about how God spoke to him, and used Moses to rescue the Children of Israel. Too bad for Egypt, the rescue process included ten plagues, because Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. Then after praise reports and prayer requests, Rabbi Jonathan gave insight into our first statement of faith, belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God is like the air, much larger than the Mediator, and is so gangster that He has allows no man to see His face. A very serious God. And the slides are

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Perils and Messianic Judaism – JLD

The Lord is worthy, to receive our praise, and Holy, as the Son of God. It was so awesome to sing about Him, and invite His presence into our service. Brother Mitch followed up with a joke, then Parsha Shemot, Names, from Exodus 1:1 – 6:1. The focus was Exodus 3:13-17, and we explored why bad things happen to good people. Part of the answer is because perils need to exist, for a great deliverance to occur… ugh, bring on the perils then. During praise reports, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin were blessed with a trip back to DC (thank you guys!), and prayer request time was powerful as always. Lastly, Rabbi Jonathan preached his first drash or sermon of the year, on the History of Messianic Judaism. We lined our beliefs against seven theological topics, and would love to hear your thoughts on them. And the slides are

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Breaking Ankles and Finances – JLD

We invite you to get lost in the words “More Love”, “More Power”, “More Of You In My Life”. Today, cast all of your cares on Him. Yes. Rabbi Jonathan did, and he covered Vayechi, He Lived, Genesis 47:28 – 50:26. This parsha was real, and we learned that our Rabbi was confrontational in times past, to include breaking ankles but big picture, is it our place to punish people or play God? If you are a Jacob, help those people in your care, get along. As a Joseph, forgive. And as the Brothers, repent. Finally, after praise reports, a public confession, then prayer requests, Pastor Gunnar from Gateway Church in Dallas ( preached on financial stewardship. Its all about firsts, generosity, minimal debt, saving, margin (profit), budgets, and eternal perspective. And the slides are attached

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Jealousy and Old Times – JLD

In our first service of 2017, we sang how our love for God is overwhelming. If G-d had feet, we would want to sit at them, and if He had a heartbeat, we’d want to feel it! In the parsha, Rabbi Jonathan covered Vayigash, he approached, from Genesis 44:18 – 47:27. Due to the unbelief of Israel’s descendants (Jews), G-d gave salvation to the Gentiles (Christians), but it was to win back the Jews, in jealousy. And jealousy was also used to bless Joseph’s, and Egypt; how has God blessed you, to entice people to Him? Then, after praise reports and prayer, Pastor Duane, took us on a Pentecostal style journey, to that old time religion. One of our unique gifts is an Acts 2:38, Azusa Street style presence of the Holy Ghost. Amen… and next Shabbat, we welcome Pastor Gunnar from Gateway Church in Dallas. And the slides are

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