“Worship and Burnt Offering” – JLD.

It was such a blessing to hear over 90 minutes of praise and worship, which was recorded, and will be sent to a studio for our second album release; Freedom at Messiah Echad. Stay tuned on CD Baby and iTunes! In between our songs, we enjoyed poetic reading from Phillip… we are cool if we are saved, and its cool be heaven bound! Finally, we enjoyed the torah portion from Rabbi Jonathan, Vayikra, And he called, Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26. The burnt, grain, peace, sin, and trespass offerings may not be active in the physical sense, as Messiah is our offering (Hebrews 10:14), since He lives in us spiritually, the effects of the offerings should be manifest in our lives. The audio is http://messiahechad.org/blog/19-mar-2016-g7g/ and slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/19-Mar-2016-Slides.pdf / See you next week, in Purim attire, and with sandwich items for monthly oneg.

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