Praying and First Love – JLD.

Coming back from joyous fellowship under the Sukkah, many of us are on such a spiritual high; do not let HaSatan bring you down! Focus on the manner of love that Messiah has for you, which through His blood, can make you blameless. Alleluia, Praise Yah and Praise God, for everything He has done in our lives life, and will continue to do, as we lift things up in prayer. So there was not torah portion during Sukkot week, but Pastor Duane did cover the third part of our Mission and Vision; showing people how to love Messiah, as per John 14:15. Remember to not make the commandments burdensome, or your first love, as that should be God. And if the example of a host offering you an unkosher meal hurt your brain, this Shabbat, Rabbi Jonathan will discuss how to make Halloween “kosher”. Scary. And the slides are

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