God’s Plan and Halloween – JLD

So although these are the days of Elijah, wherein we declare the name of the Lord, these are also the days of great famine, darkness, and sword. So as Halloween nears, pray that people beg for Yeshua (Jesus) to come into their life, thereby enabling His light to dispel the darkness. In the torah portion, Brother Mitch opened up Bereshit, On the Beginning, from Genesis 1:1 – 6:8. The focus was on an intelligent design creation, our subsequent fall, and God’s plan to restore His House. You can check out Mitch’s Torah: The 3 U’s Version, on Amazon. Then in the main message, Rabbi Jonathan kicked Halloween and Paganism in the butt! Boom. The truth has not changed, we should not repurpose dark things, and we can love people without participating in darkness. Listen at your own risk and as always, the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/29-Oct-2016-Slides.pdf .

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