“Fear The Lord and Vision” – JLD

Praise and Worship was powerful as always, but this week it included vocals from Mya, who at the age of nine, proudly sang “Glory, glory, hallelujah, He reigns!” Amen. In the torah portion, Pastor Harry covered Ekev or Consequence, from Deuteronomy 7:12 – 11:25. Where Moses again gave Israel instructions from God, but notable is grace after meals, the golden cow incident, and a reminder to fear the Lord. Then after a little praise reports and prayer requests, Rabbi Jonathan covered the first part of our Mission and Vision at Messiah Echad, showing people how to love God. Spoiler alert; loving God starts in the home. Finally, R. Jonathan would like to thank our special guest, John Wayne Walding, a fellow wounded veteran who is a powerful testimony to never giving up. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/27-Aug-2016-Slides.pdf .

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