Cowardice and Sukkot – JLD

Oh, how we should all want more of Your Love, and more of Your Power, as we seek to have more of You, in our lives! Beautiful praise and worship, after which Brother Alex covered Parsha Vayelech, He Went, from Deuteronomy 31:1 – 31:30. Moses says to be strong and courageous, because Adonai (The Lord) walks with us… does this need for confidence, apply today? Revelation 21:8 shows yes, as a coward is someone who knows right, but does wrong, for comfort’s sake. Let us never do that! Our praise reports brought visitors from Florida, and our prayer was for God to continue bringing us back to Him. Amen. Then for Shabbat Shavuh, Rabbi Jonathan read Hosea 14, recapped Rosh Hashanah, and referenced Yom Kippur, but our focus was on Sukkot, and the fruit we need to gather or show. And the slides are .

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