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Tribulation and Being Renewed – JLD

גדול אלוהי שירו כי גדול אלוהי כל אחד יראה. How great is our God. We invite you to declare right now, how great our God is… He can do a mighty work for you! In the torah portion, Brother Phillip covered Beshalach, When He Sent, from Exodus 13:17 – 17:16. The Children of Israel were led into spiritual baptism and complained often, but God reiterated the importance of tests and tribulations. Rejoice in those trials, surround yourself with good people, and follow God. Then after praise reports, to include welcoming Anthony back from war, and prayer requests, Rabbi Jonathan gave us a goal, told us it will be difficult to achieve, then equipped us to handle the tribulations. If you want to be renewed, delivered from your old man nature, listen to this message! You can do it, and we love you. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/11-Feb-2017-Slides.pdf

2017-02-12T18:42:24-06:00 February 12th, 2017|A. Gospels, B. Judaism|

Russia, Exodus, and Valentines – JLD

We began by greeting our Russian Speaking Listeners… Пожалуйста, наслаждайтесь наше короткое объявление, для всех наших русскоговорящих слушателей. Fun, and for praise and worship, we included Risen, from our soon to be released “Celebrate” Album. In the torah portion, Pastor Harry mentioned a few names of God, before covering Enter, Exodus 10:1 – 13:16, on the plague of locusts, and that of darkness. Yet it took the tenth plague, death of the first born, for Pharoah to let Israel go. Then after praise reports, prayer requests, and a re-iterated shout out to our overseas listeners, Rabbi Jonathan equipped us to see current events such as Valentines Day or when Messiah might return, with the wisdom of serpents yet the gentleness of doves. Amen, and catch you next Shabbat. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/04-Feb-2017-Slides.pdf

2017-02-05T20:52:07-06:00 February 5th, 2017|A. Law and OT History, B. Christianity|

Plagues and Gangster God – JLD

Though the battle rages on, we will stand in the fight. Though the armies rise against us on all sides; we will not be shaken, because our God is for us. Amen. In the torah portion, our Rebbetzin, Melinda, taught Va’eira, And I appeared, Exodus 6:2 – 9:35, to the children. Our Shabbat School program has not yet covered Moses, but they excitedly learned about how God spoke to him, and used Moses to rescue the Children of Israel. Too bad for Egypt, the rescue process included ten plagues, because Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. Then after praise reports and prayer requests, Rabbi Jonathan gave insight into our first statement of faith, belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God is like the air, much larger than the Mediator, and is so gangster that He has allows no man to see His face. A very serious God. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/28-Jan-2017-Slides.pdf

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Perils and Messianic Judaism – JLD

The Lord is worthy, to receive our praise, and Holy, as the Son of God. It was so awesome to sing about Him, and invite His presence into our service. Brother Mitch followed up with a joke, then Parsha Shemot, Names, from Exodus 1:1 – 6:1. The focus was Exodus 3:13-17, and we explored why bad things happen to good people. Part of the answer is because perils need to exist, for a great deliverance to occur… ugh, bring on the perils then. During praise reports, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin were blessed with a trip back to DC (thank you guys!), and prayer request time was powerful as always. Lastly, Rabbi Jonathan preached his first drash or sermon of the year, on the History of Messianic Judaism. We lined our beliefs against seven theological topics, and would love to hear your thoughts on them. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/21-Jan-2017-Slides.pdf

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Breaking Ankles and Finances - JLD

We invite you to get lost in the words “More Love”, “More Power”, “More Of You In My Life”. Today, cast all of your cares on Him. Yes. Rabbi Jonathan did, and he covered Vayechi, He Lived, Genesis 47:28 – 50:26. This parsha was real, and we learned that our Rabbi was confrontational in times past, to include breaking ankles but big picture, is it our place to punish people or play God? If you are a Jacob, help those people in your care, get along. As a Joseph, forgive. And as the Brothers, repent. Finally, after praise reports, a public confession, then prayer requests, Pastor Gunnar from Gateway Church in Dallas (http://gatewaypeople.com/profiles/gunnar-johnson) preached on financial stewardship. Its all about firsts, generosity, minimal debt, saving, margin (profit), budgets, and eternal perspective. And the slides are attached http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/14-Jan-2017-Slides.pdf

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Jealousy and Old Times – JLD

In our first service of 2017, we sang how our love for God is overwhelming. If G-d had feet, we would want to sit at them, and if He had a heartbeat, we’d want to feel it! In the parsha, Rabbi Jonathan covered Vayigash, he approached, from Genesis 44:18 – 47:27. Due to the unbelief of Israel’s descendants (Jews), G-d gave salvation to the Gentiles (Christians), but it was to win back the Jews, in jealousy. And jealousy was also used to bless Joseph’s, and Egypt; how has God blessed you, to entice people to Him? Then, after praise reports and prayer, Pastor Duane, took us on a Pentecostal style journey, to that old time religion. One of our unique gifts is an Acts 2:38, Azusa Street style presence of the Holy Ghost. Amen… and next Shabbat, we welcome Pastor Gunnar from Gateway Church in Dallas. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/07-Jan-2016-Slides.pdf

2017-01-08T19:39:05-06:00 January 8th, 2017|A. Church History and Paul, B. Worship|

Dreams and Chanukah – JLD

On the seventh night of Chanukah, Kyra Goldman sang Nes Gadol Haya Sham (a great miracle happened there), after which Mayor Dale Ross proclaimed 30 December 2016 Messiah Echad Day. Amen! Then in Shabbat Service, Dr. Greg Silverman blessed us with some Messianic Soul, singing Provide. Oh how awesome it is when El Shaddai (God Almighty) provides for our needs. Brother Mitch covered Miketz, From The End, Genesis 41:1 – 44:17, stating we all have a part to play in building God’s Kingdom. Stay true to your dream! After praise reports and prayer requests, to include another Kyra Goldman song, Rabbi Jonathan spoke on Protecting the Lights of Judaism, and those of Chanukah. And finally, we lit the eighth light for Chanukah, with Police Chief Wayne Nero. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/31-Dec-2016-Slides.pdf

2017-01-02T08:20:55-06:00 December 31st, 2016|A. Law and OT History, B. Judaism|

Suffering and Christmas – JLD.

Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, and we enjoyed singing a new song, to Him who sits on, heaven’s mercy seat. Amen. Brother Philip covered Vayeshev, He Settled, from Genesis 37:1 – 40:23. Joseph was loved by his father, but hated by his brothers… who can relate to this concept? And this was actually a rather racy section in scripture, but the key take away is suffering for our God, is a good thing. Then after praise reports and prayer requests, Rabbi Jonathan spoke on what its like to have a strategy or vision from God, but be hated for it. Yet if we are doing the Lord’s work, things will always work out. Now ask yourself; is Christmas strategic, and winning? What about Chanukah? If you celebrate the later, see you every night at 05pm, in the Georgetown town square! And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/24-Dec-2016-Slides.pdf

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Righteousness and First Ladies – JLD

There is power, in the name Yeshua (Jesus), and when we declare this, every chain of bondage in our life, is able to be broken. Amen. In the torah portion, Rabbi Jonathan spoke on Vayishlach, He Sent, from Genesis 32:3 – 36:43. God values unity, and He loves our seeking Him in rock bottom moments, but did you know “doing the right thing”, can become a form of idolatry? Simeon and Levi fell to this wickedness, over the Dinah incident, but don’t let it happen to you. Repent. After praise reports and prayer, First Lady Laura shared her heart for the Jewish People, First Lady Delilah talked about prayer and fasting, and Rebbetzin Melinda said we are all in this journey together. So stay with us, check out our redesigned mobile and desktop websites, then prepare for Chanukah! And the slides are attached https://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/17-Dec-2016-Slides.pdf.

2016-12-22T12:24:37-06:00 December 17th, 2016|A. Law and OT History, B. Congregation|

Rocks and Chanukah – JLD.

I will praise You forever Lord, for You are Adonai. You alone Yeshua, are the joy of my life. And we pray for that day when Israel declares You as Lord, and their joy (Mathew 23:39). Brother Alex covered Torah Portion Vayetze, he went out, from Genesis 28:10 – 32:2. The conjecture this year was G-d reaching out to us when we reach rock bottom. But do we reach back towards G-d, in these perilous moments, or stay at rock bottom? Praise reports included things like being on a path to full recovery from stroke, and prayer requests keep the blessings coming. Then Pastor Greg Stone from Gateway Church preached on Chanukah being Spiritual Warfare, and we need teamwork, to defeat the enemy. And if you liked this sermon, also check out To The Jew First, and Your Family. And the slides are http://messiahechad.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/10-Dec-2016-Slides.pdf

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