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Blessings and Neighbors – JLD.

Amen on Mya leading us as we sang praises to the King of kings, He is our everything, and we will adore Him. As we near the High Holy Days, we were blessed with Mitch doing his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, Ki Tavo, When You Come In, Deuteronomy 26:1 – 29:8. Big idea is we worship a loving God, who wants to bless us, and we should allow said blessings to overtake our lives. Praise reports included overcoming addictions, and pray requests will keep the cycle of healing going… Amen. In the main message, Rabbi Jonathan gave a nod to his plaid suit, which the Rebbetzin thinks is 1980’s style but it is not. We digress; the drash was about the loving our neighbor part of our Mission and Vision. So do that, be living waters to people, and invite someone to our High Holy Days. And the slides are .

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“If You Want, and Orphans” – JLD.

Praise and worship included a style of music from our past… good ole recorded tracks! Yet even in that, the glory of the Lord sure filled our place. Amen. Sister Shandilyn delivered a wonderful prophecy on being keys to open doors, after which Rabbi Jonathan spoke on Ki Teitzei, “When you go forth”, from Deuteronomy 21:10 – 25:19. And since we have permission to voluntarily obey torah, reviewed the instruction to respect captives, avoid cross dressing, not send escaped slaves back, treat foreigners well, and never deal falsely. Then in the sermon, Guest Pastor Nate Cashdan from Fervent Embrace Ministries, spoke on Father God’s Heart being for the orphans (Romans 8:14-18). So at the least, please pray for them, and catch us next week for monthly oneg. Blessings, and the slides are .

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“Judges and Sermon on Mount – JLD”.

Shalom, and if no one has told you yet that God has a blessing, with your name on it, now you know. Go claim it! In the torah portion, Brother Chris covered Shoftim, Judges, from Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9. By studying the Mosaic justice system, we better understand the Apostolic Writings, which show Yeshua (Jesus) did not break (end), rather He fulfilled (did). Amen. Praise reports continued our three-year trend of God blessing us every week, and prayer requests kept the cycle going. Finally, Rabbi Jonathan covered the Sermon on the Mount, from Mathew 5:2 – 7:29. This was where Yeshua taught in Capernum, using allegory and analogies, along with pointed phrases, to point Jews to faith, which we still need today, along with works. Great sermon!  And the slides are .

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“Jews Blessings and Tithe” – JLD.

We shout out Your name, and from the rooftops we proclaim, we are Yours! Our identity, purpose, and worship, is to and for G-d. Rabbi Jonathan opened our study with Re’eh, See or Behold, from Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17. We should want to claim our blessings by finding fellowship, watching out for apostates, eating kosher, tithing, releasing each other of debts, and sanctifying our firstborns. Praise reports included one lady returning home from her heart transplant, and another being cleared of blood clots. God is good. Finally, Pastor Duane delivered an amazing sermon on the importance of tithing, which is our duty to G-d, and enables Him to bless us. If you struggle with tithing, want to learn more, or wonder why P. Duane is so blessed, HEAR THIS SERMON! And the slide link is .

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