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“Convince and Fear God“ – JLD.

The direct audio link is and there were no slides this week . Shalom and how wonderful it is when we can tap into that more love, more power, which can only be found in Him. May you be blessed as you enjoy this audio recording, spending time with Adonai (The Lord). Torah Portion Phinehas, Numbers 25:10 – 30:1, was presented by Pastor Duane. The theme was about following the leader, which is common in Numbers, after which we pondered if man can change the mind of God. Praise reports and prayer requests showed us a God that still heals, and then Brother Alex did a sermon around man’s purpose on this earth. The great commission is one part, but fearing God by giving glory to him, is the other. Amen, and catch you next week for Shabbat, as we continue preparing for God.

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“Balak and Interconnectedness” – JLD.

The audio link is and the slides are . Oh how we enjoyed hosting Micah and Abby Mahoney from Congregation Zion’s Sake in Newport News VA! If you enjoyed today and want more worship like this, check out our album Awakened at Messiah Echad, and the project Heartcry of David. As for the word, P. Harry covered Balak, Destroyer, from Numbers 22:2 – 25:9. In portion, we get the beautiful Ma Tovu. Then after numerous praise reports and soulful prayer, Rabbi Jonathan proceeded with a drash on being balanced Messianic Jewish Believers, who leverage a divinely, interconnected scripture. See you next week (30 July) for monthly oneg.

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“Ordinances and Grace” – JLD.

The direct audio link is and slides are . It is great to share spirit filled worship with believers who run to him. Granted, Rabbi Jonathan did not physically run in the service, he did drum pretty fast in some of the songs, then briskly walked off stage to cover Chukat, Ordinance of, from Numbers 19:1 – 22:1. Our focus was on the red heifer purification, Israel complaining about thirst, and Israel complaining against God. Israel should have trusted more in Adonai! A few praise reports and prayer requests bridged us into the sermon, which was covered by Brother Chris. Many believers misunderstand grace, and misquote Hebrews, but the “better” covenant is being given the power to keep the law. Amen. Catch you next week, and with special guest, Micah Mahoney in concert.

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“Follow and Serve” – JLD.

The audio recording is and the slides are . During an extremely anointed worship time, many of our members re-dedicated themselves, and prayed for our community, at the altar, which is always open, especially during the final song. As for the word, P. Duane covered torah portion Korah from Numbers 16:1 – 18:32, which was about following the leader. Note, following does not connote complaining or rising against. Next was our usual, awesome, praise reports, which this week included our Rabbi being hit while cycling, and not breaking a bone. Praise God! In the main message, Rabbi Jonathan covered our seventh statement of faith (Membership) after which Cruz Correa from CASA of Travis County, showed everyone one way that they can serve the community.

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“Trust, Obey, and Will” – JLD.

The audio recording is and the slides are . How great is our God, and worthy of the praise we lifted up in our Service. Rabbi Jonathan started us off by asking four questions on parsha Shlach, Send For Yourself, Numbers 13:1 – 15:41. Even after the lessons learned in Numbers, on trusting and obeying, did Israel believe they could claim the land God gave them? How did Israel treat godly voice of reason? Did Israel heed Moses’ direction? There are so many things to learn from torah! Then after praise reports and prayer, with the guidance of P. Duane, Brother Phillip brought forth his inaugural sermon at Messiah Echad. The topic was doing the will of God, with what God has given you. Amen and Happy Fourth of July (Independence Day).

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