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“Six Days and Storms” – JLD.

We began by remembering how You are the one who walks through fire, You take the orphan’s hand, You are the one Messiah, You are I am. Amen. Next, Rabbi Jonathan did the torah portion, Behar, On The Mountain, Leviticus 25:1 – 26:2. The three points to consider were taking a Sabbath year of rest, returning possession in the year of Jubilee, and respecting God’s Sanctuary. Praise report time is always joyous, and may our prayer requests turn into praise, in the coming weeks! And finally, we were blessed to have Pastor David Cobb from The Worship Place, speak on navigating the storms of life. The sermon begins 50 minutes into the audio recording , and we pray the slides also bless you.

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“Punishments and Following” – JLD.

We are no longer strangers to your arms. By your grace you have saved us… we’re no longer strangers arms. Beautiful praise and worship Danaë. Brother Alex covered parsha Emor, Say, Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23, which included difficult things to preach. After all, who wants to embrace the harsh punishments for breaking the Laws of God… but then again, how well does it go when we attempt to break the laws of gravity? It’s a good thing we heed God, as was evident in our praise reports and prayer requests. Lastly, Rabbi Jonathan recapped his Sacred Name message, before digging into our second Statement of Faith… following His commands (John 14:15). The audio recording is , slides are , and book intro from Alex is .

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“Kedoshim and Holy Names” – JLD.

On a rainy day here in Texas, we stayed dry in our Sanctuary, while bidding farewell to our Brother Caleb. Thank you for your music, to the solo He (God) Wants It All. In the torah portion, Brother Phillip spoke on Kedoshim, Holy Ones, from Leviticus 19:1 – 20:27, where God wants all of us, in holiness. Let us help the needy and not place stumbling blocks. Praise reports included vehicles, healings, and financial blessings… amen! Then we prayed, after which Rabbi Jonathan spoke on being right. Many of us feel we are right, especially when it comes to Theologies, but what does Gad say? The audio is , slides are , and that editorial reply is in the 15 May 2016 Williamson County Sun.

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“Rejection and Mothering” – JLD.

How beautiful it is to know that we glorify a Risen Savior, which we did at The Worship Place in Georgetown. Praise and Worship was lively as always, after which Rabbi Jonathan covered Acharei Mot, After The Death, Leviticus 16:1 – 18:30. We talked about not making profane fire, modern day scapegoats, atonement processes, dedicating things to God, and things from which we believers are prohibited (i.e. consuming blood). Powerful connections. In the drash, Pastor Duane dedicated his time giving thanks for all the Mothers in the congregation, who demonstrate a love that men simply are not created to know. The audio is and slides are And for those counting omer, sunset on Sunday 08 May 2016, marks day 16, but also Mother’s Day, so don’t forget to call Mommy.

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“Soteriology and Weddings” – JLD.

There’s no fear in love… I want to stay close to You, It’s really that simple, I want to stay close to You, My whole life long (Gretzinger and Ward). Beautiful sentiments of worship, after which B. Phillip explained to us how me and Jesus, we go together, like Pinky and the Brain. Being this close with Him has its benefits, chiefly seen in our praise reports, which are a function of our earnestly put prayer requests. Then in the drash, Rabbi Jonathan concluded on Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits, before making connections to Yeshua and Soteriology. Finally, we wedded Anthony and Christina Velez! Mazel Tov to you and thank you for sharing your day with us. The audio is, slides are

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