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“Passover and Chametz” – JLD.

n our third year as a Messianic Congregation, we were so blessed to have well over a hundred native born (Jews) and strangers (Christians), together, for Seder. We always have a great time and our Passover audio recording is . Then on the Shabbat, Brother Chris read a scripture that had been on his heart, about removing the physical and spiritual leaven from our lives,. Finally, after a little praise report and prayer request time, Rabbi Jonathan dug deep into the implications of feasting and fasting, in the same season. Although seemingly contradictory, like going up a mountain and then down a valley, our lives are like this, yet through Him, we somehow remain level or moderate. The audio is , slides are and Praise God; He lives!

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“Defiling and Passover” – JLD

Brother Chris did an awesome job speaking about the nature of our living God, from Metzora, Leper, Leviticus 14:1 – 15:33. Any death that stains or defiles, has to be cleaned before we approach our Creator, and thankfully, through the Son of God, we are given another, powerful way to atone. That video we played was, complements of The Bible Project. Then were some amazing praise reports, followed by prayer requests, which will become praise reports soon! And welcome back from your cycling event Rabbi Jonathan; we enjoyed your message on the Passover Story and Commandment. Information for our Seder (Friday 22 April, 07pm) can be found at, our audio recording from this past Shabbat is, and the slides are

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“Baptism and Bible 101” – JLD

Then I shall bow, in humble adoration, And then proclaim: “My God, how great Thou art! And how great our God is, which we praise even through traditional hymns. In the torah portion, Pastor Harry covered Tazria, She bears Seed, from Leviticus 12:1 – 13:59. This section was about cleansing, spiritual diseases, and the atonement we ultimately receive, through Messiah. Amen, and our praise report time was so lively, from God bringing cooling breezes, to being reminded to “Watch God”. Please pray for those with needs, and our veterans. And finally, Pastor Duane covered his first in a series about the Bible… a book that remains a number one best seller, but takes study to understand correctly. The audio is and slides are . And Happy Rosh Chodesh, its the month of Nissan!

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“Teachers and Groups” – JLD.

Here’s my heart Lord… Here’s my life Lord… Speak what is true. Beautiful words, dedicating ourselves in heavenly service, to our Lord God. Then after praise and worship, Chris delivered his inaugural torah portion at Messiah Echad, on the responsibilities of being teachers, priests, and congregational leaders, from Shemini, Eighth, Leviticus 9:1 – 11:47. It was a very insightful word Chris. Next in the service were praise reports, which we are not at liberty to share online, but would love to tell you about personally, followed by our prayer request time. Finally, the main message was about why believers of the New Testament, should follow the Old. The audio is, and slides are . Lastly, please share our new video – and building plans –

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