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“Aleph Tav, Men of God” – JLD.

This is my prayer in the desert, when all that’s within me feels dry… we know that our God, will always provide. Amen. In the torah portion, Joseph Bailey spoke on Ki Tisa, When You Lift Up, from Exodus 30:11 – 34:35. We all need to be redeemed, Yeshua is the ransom that was paid, and He (the Alpeh Tav) brought holiness since the beginning. Then after praise reports, and prayer, Rabbi Jonathan concluded the Men of God Series, encouraging men to be committed or dedicated, and loving or forgiving. The audio is and slides are And after services, we had some awesome oneg fellowship, to include the College and Career group (Chavurah B’samim) bowling at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes. Catch you next week for Shabbat at 03pm, followed by our first Ask The Rabbi at 05:30pm.

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“Fire and Men of God” – JLD.

After some amazing trumpet from Caleb, along with the rest of an awesome praise and worship set, our souls were made ready to be filled for another week. And P. Duane did a great job doing so, from parsha Tetzaveh, You Shall Command, from Exodus 27:20 – 30:10. Its uplifting to know that even the temple laws, still have relevance today. Then after thanking God via praise reports, followed by praying for some more blessings, Rabbi Jonathan began a two part series on being Men of God. This time was men (1) being true worshippers, and (2) being biblical scholars… catch you next week for monthly oneg and Part Two! Oh, and the Paint Party after services was colorful, no pun intended. Be sure to share our messages with a friend; the audio is and slides are

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“Offering and Messiah” – JLD.

Ki Gadol Elohai; How great is our God, indeed! Praise and Worship time at Messiah Echad is always lovely. In the torah portion, Pastor Harry summarized Terumah or Heave Offering, from Exodus 25:1 – 27:19, which was about the temple and holy of holies. Lots of detail and lots of scripture were in this section, so make sure to review, as you are able. Then in the main message, Rabbi Jonathan covered our second statement of faith, belief in “ the Son of God, Born to Joseph and Mary of Nazareth, known as Yeshua (Jesus), or simply, Messiah.” The big points were (1) Messiah being the Son of God, (2) Messiah also being a man, and (3) Messiah being Jewish, to include embracing that culture. Amen. The audio is and slides are . Catch you next week, and for Date Night!

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“Laws and Valentines” – JLD

Hallelujah, grace like rain, falls down on me. Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away; they’re washed away. Amen, and thank you Alex for the energizing praise and worship. Next was parsha Mishpatim, Laws, from Exodus 21:1 – 24:18, and it was presented by Phillip. First time delivering a message at our congregation from our brother, but he did a smooth job. Yeah man. In the main drash, Rabbi Jonathan mentioned being wise, before we dug into Mathew 24:37. The end of our world will be like that of Noah, which included giants, spawned from evil forces. Are those entities still alive, fighting against the powers of God? Do you know the origins of Valentines Day? Is Cupid’s reach large, enticing, and not of God? The answer and audio is, while the slides are

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