“Red Heifer and Unity” – JLD

Joseph Bailey Lewis blessed us with another insightful torah portion summary, this time on Chukat “Ordinance of”, from Numbers 19:1 – 22:1. Specifically, the red heifer sacrifice was unique in that it was done outside the camp, and was used to cleanse the person, not the place. Similarly, Messiah was sent away to die, giving us (people) everlasting life, and sanctification. Then before the teaching, Rabbi Jonathan briefly acknowledged the elephant in the room, the recent Supreme Court ruling which supports same-sex marriage, before diving into his message on Jewish and Christian believers being part of one body. It was such an amazing reality, how we are all fellow heirs… the slides are online, and the audio recording is online (http://messiahechad.org/?attachment_id=2723). See you next week, and again at our local 04th of July Celebration.

“Rebellion and Doubting” – JLD

After getting closer to our Creator in the worship, Bill transitioned us to studying Korah, from Numbers 16:1 – 18:32. We saw how even distant cousins and assistants to the priests, can still fall victim to jealousy and rebellion… things did not work out well for Korah, nor the others who complained. Oh the consequences of rebelling against our leaders, and God. In the message, Pastor Jonathan continued with discussing physical weapons, which he was prophetically inspired to speak on last week. And even in the midst of spiritual warfare, we should not fear what evil seeks to do, nor should we doubt the Power of God. It only takes a moment of our attention being off Him, before it is placed on modern day idols, such as celebrities or rules. See the slides, listen to the recording (http://messiahechad.org/private/20-jun-2015-h3m/), and join us next Saturday for monthly oneg.

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